Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Go Red Sox!

I went to a Red Sox game last Friday, the 17th (April) which was a birthday gift from my husband and kids. It was my first time at Fenway since 1977!! We got into Boston around 3:30 and spent some time walking around the area of the Pru. We stopped at Cold Stone Creamery for some excellent icecream and then sat on a stone wall nearby enjoying the gorgeous 70 degree weather! Several feet away was a veiw of the Christian Science church with several fountains out front. We also walked through the mall that's inside the Prudential (I think) and man, could I smell the money! We're not used to such extravagant, expensive stores here in Maine. I gazed at Guccu, Lord and Taylor and some other big-time designer names that I can't think of. Even their food court was on the high end! I was amazed and felt like I was in a different world! I did the usual tourist thing and took pictures around that area and then we took the walk to Fenway park--about 15 minutes away. We walked through the Fen Gardens (?) . Nothing is in bloom yet--not for another month--but you could see that the owners were getting ready to make their gardens look beautiful. Took lots of pics of the different architure in the area as well. We made it to the park and I was like a little kid. So much to look at! Vendors, hawkers, souvenir shops, scalpers--everywhere! We found our seats and I was surprised to find that Fenway Park is smaller than how it appears on TV. It's big, but looks bigger on television. We sat behind center field--not too far from JD Drew! I had the opportunity to take pics of Varitek who was stretching out and practicing at the Red Sox bullpen--which we happened to be sitting behind. Penney was the starting pitcher and by the second inning he was pitching horribly!! He allowed 7 runs---7! The score was 7-0 and I thought "that's it. We've lost!". Not so! We caught up and the final score was 10-8--Red Sox.

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