Monday, April 25, 2016

CKC Manchester, NH

It's been 3 years since I last attended CKC.  Jackie and I decided in March that we wanted to go.  It didn't give us much time but we got the money together and booked a hotel room.  We stayed off site because 1.  it was cheaper and 2.  there weren't any rooms available on site.


Jackie and I went to two classes although we were determined not to, only because of the expense.  But, we couldn't resist.  The above photos are from the         class.  Of course, we spent lots of money at the vendor fair and made several make n takes.  I can't wait to start using my new goodies on future projects!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

I'm Back!!!

I doubt anyone will read this post, except me.  But that's okay.  If someone does happen to read this post, then I'll consider myself very lucky.  And, I do have to apologize for my long absence.  

I haven't blogged in MONTHS!  Life has been busy--in good ways and bad.  I've been enjoying my grandson, Cameron, babysitting two days a week and working nearly 40 plus hours on my full-time job.  But, then I went down to one day a week--Wednesdays--which I enjoy.  Due to my work hours and working nearly 12 hour days, I don't get to see him as much as I'd like, although he only lives 15 minutes away.  My daughter and son-in-law have busy lives as well.

Although I haven't blogged, I have been scrapping as well as being involved in some swaps. And, I've also attended some local crops which has been a lot of fun.   I'm also very excited to be attending the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Manchester, NH this year.  I don't think I've been in two, maybe three years!   Can't wait to get some shopping time in at the vendor fair!     

Considering I haven't blogged in like 8 months, I really don't have a lot to say, but I do believe I have some scrapping related stuff to share.  I'll do that in a separate post.  For now, I'll end this post saying Thank You to whoever may stop by and read this and to say, please check in---I'll do my best to keep the blog moving forward.

Wishing you a scrap happy day!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Welcome to My Creative Space!

It's that time of year when Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage hosts the "Where Bloggers Create" event, so a multitude of creative people can take a virtual tour of others creative, crafty spaces.  I've always enjoyed this event and look forward to it each year.  Speaking of 'each year', you can visit my other posts My Creative Space 2014  and My Basement Scraproom 2013.  

WARNING!  This is a very. long. post!   If you just want to scroll through and not read all the captions, feel free.  I tend to post a lot of pics when I participate in this blog hop.

Most of my room, which is located in the basement, is pretty much the same as it has been for the last two years.  I had great intentions of changing it up a bit the past year, but unfortunately, life threw me a few curveballs and I never had the opportunity to do some of the projects I had planned.  One of them was to paint the walls, another was to organize it a bit better than it is right now.  Oh well.  Since last year's party, I've been working full time, found out my daughter was pregnant, holidays, planned a baby shower, then my husband needing surgery, working 40 hours a week and babysitting for 20+ hours---ahhhh, the list goes on.   

Most of the items you'll see in my room are thrift finds from flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores.  My room is not the prettiest, nor the most glamorous, or the most 'all-together' room where everything matches, but it is functional.  I live in a small ranch and I was very fortunate to have the space I have.  Hubby built shelving units to create a 'wall' separating my space from the rest of the basement.  He also hung white sheets over the ceiling to give me more light and to 'dress it up a bit'.   

Throughout the room, I've added touches of 'me', so to speak.  There are birdhouses, paper crafts, swap items I've received, mementos, a few items from my childhood--things that make my space feel special.  I've wanted to add items to make it look whimsy and colorful, but I'm still working on that.  I also covered the fronts of all my storage containers so it looked a bit 'cleaner' and better organized.  Most of the drawers are labeled.  That's also another work in progress.   

So....without further adieu, here's my room:

This is what you see when you're standing at the basement door.  Last year, I think I had a desk from my childhood where the white table is now.  My husband wanted to toss out the table, but I told him I'd find some use for it---oh yeah, another spot to dump things!   
My husband built a tone of shelving units for me to make it look more like a room.   To hide the mess of one of the units (you'll see it later), I nailed up some foam board, covered with green contact paper and hung a portion of a pocket organizer.  The pink pocket organizer holds my glue guns, my heat guns and a paper drill.  The apron hanging on the left is signed by Tim Holtz himself!  I wore this apron during an event several years ago in Topsfield, Mass. where he taught a class (will show that later as well).  All those boxes hold photos--no lie!  Tons of them.  On the top shelf, are containers holding flowers and below that are all my scrapbook albums.   Sitting on that small table (a yard sale find)  is my daughter's bridesmaid bouquet that I made along with a garden doll and some spiral flowers I made for my daughter's bridal shower two years ago.   
Last year, I had my childhood desk sitting in this spot, since then I found this item (not sure what it's called) at a yard sale for $15.00.  It holds punches, but most of the drawers are empty. Sorry for the blurriness.  On top of this unit is an old strainer holding an assortment of tiny mini albums that I've collected through various swaps over the years.  Also I have an old ceramic gravy boat holding heart-shaped rocks.
For some reason, when I posted these pictures, they came out in the wrong format.  Sorry.

As you can see, I've used the bottom of the table for storing my other craft supplies, most of it paints and painting supplies which, unfortunately, I rarely use.
Another view of the room, showing the right side.  The white garland was leftover from my daughter's wedding.  She was going to throw it away, but I wanted to hang it in my room.  
Again, we're standing at the basement door looking into my room, slightly to the right.  My table is 8 feet long and that shelving unit in the back was made by my husband so it would create a wall and be useful for storage.
Here's the view standing at that small table mentioned above  (apron, pocket organizer)
Standing by the door and looking directly to the right you'd see this view.  Straight ahead are two shelving units left over from an old entertainment center we had.  The shelves are strong and, again, hubby was going to toss them out, but I found another use for them.   
To the right of the above unit, is this little bookcase that once belonged to my daughter when they were very young.  Neither one of them had use for it, so I snatched it up.  This is where I display all the mini albums that I've received over the years from various swaps---and this isn't even all of them!

Next to the white book case is this brown bookcase which was also in my daughter's room.  I think it might've been my husband's at one time when he was single.  This bookcase stores some mini albums, small paper packs, chipboard, plastic envelopes (for storing paper), and the bottom shelf is my Project Life stuff and my daughter's albums.  Beside the book case is a paper stack.  Oh, and the top of the book case displays more mini albums from swaps and a Travelogue I made (the black one)
These are the two shelving 'towers' from the entertainment center from a side angle.  One unit hold boxes storing embellishments, photos albums, blank journals, etc.  The other unit stores magazines and books all relating to scrapping and altered art.
This green wooden 'thingy', purchased at a yard sale, holds some of my stamps, the ones I use most often.  I have other stamps in boxes.  The other photo shows my placard I use when making YouTube videos (which has been a long time as well.)

This is the view on the back wall behind my table.  
These are the items sitting on my table.  A spinner rack for my paints, a gorgeous repurposed box I received in a swap, a painted ceramic dog that I received from my friend Debbie as a Christmas gift when I was 11 years old, a wooden jewelry box that holds embellies and on top of that is a display of items collected through swaps.  To the right is a hand made 'clip it up'.
Here is a close up of the clip-it-up.                    This photos shows a close up of what is displayed on top of the wooden jewelry box--another yard sale find.  Above the table is my 'mood board" (which I need to update):
The mood board which displays tags, cards, embellies, anything that strikes my fancy at the moment.  Most of these items were from swaps as well.
To the left of the back table is another book case (another yard sale find), which holds photo CD albums; button jars; bead jars, baskets and boxes holding an assortment of other things, that to tell you the truth--I can't remember!  Geez, I've got to look through them again.  To the left of the book case are two items purchased at thrift stores--a tiny brown wooden shelving unit displaying my favorite stamps, and on top of that sits a mini cabinet displaying my tiny teddy bears (I used to collect them).  In front of that is a wooden 'birdhouse', again, bought at a yard sale.     Next to the book case is a wooden rack that was once used for hanging clothes, I think--not sure.  Anyway, I just recently decided to use it for storing my small collection of Washi tapes.  The sign "Scrap Room" was made by me several years ago for my old scrap room in the other house.

The above four photos ---a side view of my Washi tapes; to the left of the narrow white book case begins my "wall".  The photo in the upper right is another white book case (from my daughter's room) that holds all the small Sterilite containers which fit perfectly!  These are labeled with the types of embellies in each box.  The bottom left photo shows my Sterilite units stacked one on top of the other to create part of the wall of my room.  Each box is covered in paper and labeled with the contents.  The bottom right photo is the wooden unit between the stacks of Sterilite containers and the white bookcase (upper right).  My husband basically built the 'wall' around the containers--LOL!

The left photo is the lower half of the 'wall' The bottom Iris containers hold layouts yet to be completed and other projects.  The photo on the right is my table which is 8 feet long.  I wanted to cover up what's hiding underneath, so I found some fabric that I had hoarded for the last 25 years (yes, that long!) and made a continuous skirt by hot gluing (no sew) the panels together and then gathering them on the top using glue as well.  I then attached the skirt to the table using velcro dots and covered the raw edge with fabric ribbon.  The chair is covered in an old sheet with a piece of fabric over the back and a seat cushion covered in some left over fabric as well.  When I was doing this, I wanted to add color and some 'shabbiness' to the room.  Not sure if I succeeded.

Here's a close up of the chair (wanted to hide the black) and the next photo is taken from the corner where the two brown 'towers' stand.  Now, let's see what I have on my desk:

Sitting on top of yet another yard sale find--a white two level shelving unit, is this wire item of which I don't know what it's called.  I only know that it spins.  This holds my Ranger ink pads, alcohol inks and chalk paint.  The other picture shows the other side of the top of the unit.  This is actually a 'necklace hanger" but I used it for holding my vintage embellies.

Here's a better picture of the shelf.  The assorted baskets hold all kinds of assorted tools and items I'll need when working on my projects.
To the left on the table is an old wooden bed tray (another thrift store item) which holds two antique sewing baskets full of trims; teacup pin cushions I've received from swaps and an altered cigar box.  Beneath the bed tray I have terra cotta pots holding paintbrushes.  In front of the bed tray is a wooden lazy susan holding altered tin cans which store my colored pencils, pens, scissors, rulers and a host of other tools.  Beside the lazy susan is my troll which I've had since I was 9 or 10.  Next to him is a ceramic 'purse' which olds markers then there are two other tin containers (dollar store) holding more tools and colored markers.
This is the brown book case to the right of my table.  It is a mess!  This holds a ton of unfinished projects my daughter and I have.  So, so many!
Here's the backside of the Lazy Susan--these are altered salt shakers from a swap last year.
And here are the two items we (my daughter and I) made with Tim Holtz.  The one to the right is mine which I have to fix.  It fell on the floor and two of the things on the top broke off.  The blue one is my daughter's.  The trap cup lying on its side is also from a swap and needs to be glued onto it's glass base.  Haven't found the right glue to hold it together.  The little pewter bowl holds sea glass and sea shells.

I forgot to mention that beside the white table on the back wall sits my oldest daughter's old computer table.  Again, she didn't have use for it, so I snagged it.  I use this to store my machines--Cricut, Cuttlebug, Big Shot, mini sewing machine; my binder machine, sewing machine, sewing basket and parts to go with them.  An old rag doll (another item I used to collect) sits comfortably on the Cricut.

The right photo is a close up of that small square table sitting against the foam board 'wall' which hides the mess you see in the next photo.  Believe it or not, these are bags and bags of kits that my daughter and I have purchased over the years from the Creating Keepsakes Conventions that we've yet to finish.  A lot of them are from The Button Farm.  I need two more lifetimes to get through all these projects!

Here's another view of the "mess".   The bottom shelf holds some photos, but most are the old negatives we used to get with developed film.  Remember those days?

And lastly, this is another unit my husband built to store some of his stuff, but because it was closer to my room, I took it over--LOL!  Because it is an unsightly mess, I covered it with a fabric shower curtain I no longer use.  Behind the curtain is this:

Just a bunch of stuff that I'll use "someday".  Actually, I have used them, found something better or different and put the item back here---just in case I have use for it later.

Well, that's it!  Thank you so much for visiting:

I hope you enjoyed the tour and I do hope you'll come back and visit again.  I've been lax in my scrapping, but I hope to have some layouts posted soon, along with some other projects.  If you like what you see, please follow me.  


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I'm Prepping for the "Where Bloggers Create" Blog Hop

Join me and a host of other creative people on Saturday, July 11th for Karen Valentine's . . .

It's a wonderful way to showcase your own happy creative space.  It doesn't matter how big, how fancy, how small or how unique it is, this is the time of year where creative bloggers share and hope to inspire others.  So, please join me on Saturday over at My Desert Cottage

Hope to see you there....oh, and don't forget to stop by my blog to see my space!


My Grandson --The First Four Months

My grandson, Cameron Michael, was born on March 4th and when I held him for the first time, I fell in love!  I started babysitting him about a month ago when my daughter went back to work on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  He's changing so much and growing so fast.   The first couple of months were tough because he had colic so bad, but he's rarely fussy.

Let me share some pictures!  I could post dozens, but I won't bore you too much:
Cameron only 5 hours old

Cameron one day old

Cameron-one month

Cameron on 4th of July at 4 months

So, that's my grandson.  I just love him to pieces!   I'll share some layouts I made later on.  Do check back.