Saturday, April 25, 2009

What A Day!

Today turned out to be a great day! For one thing--it was HOT! It reached 91 degrees today! I spent the morning catching up on housework (which never seems caught up) while I waited for Michael to finish working on my car--he was doing some Bondo work on the rusted areas. He also spray-painted the metal piece that holds the tire on the back. He finished around noon or so, so Jackie and I headed out to do some errands. While driving down the road, we happened to see a huge yard sale set up in front of the Memorial Gym. The sale wasn't suppose to start until tomorrow, but they allowed us to browse and buy things today. I spent $15 and purchase: A 3 foot tall country style snowman--a cut glass bowl (for my scraproom)--some nice burgundy and green silk flowers--a folk-art painting for the dining room--some assorted kitchen utensils-- a 6 inch country angel--several books--Connect 4 game for the kids--a cassette unit to hold my stamps--and some VHS tapes, yes--they're old, but I still use my VCR! I thought I did pretty well!
From there, we went to Walmart, bought some groceries and got some pics printed from the Red Sox game. On the way home, I saw that Magnolia's (where I get my hair cut) was still open (It was about 3:15 at this point) so I stopped in to see if someone could cut my hair. There were onl 2 girls there so Kelly Clark chose to do it. My hair was out of control! We left the hairdresser at around 3:50 and by the time we passed through downtown and read the temp reading outside the hardware store--it was 91 degrees! At 1:30 it was 87. At 8:00 a.m it was already 72. Once home, I didn't feel like making supper, so after much persuasion, Michael took me and Jackie out for supper at Ted's Fried Clams in Acton. It was delicious!! The place was packed too! I had a shrimp platter. Michael had the Fried Haddock and Jackie had chicken tenders. From there, we stopped behind Lakeside to go fishing. I just read my scrapbook magazine while Jackie fished and Michael helped. We were there about 40 minutes or so. Got home around 7:00--just in time to watch the Sox play! What a Game!! It was close. The Sox won 16-11. It was a good day--all in all!

Note: Zachery wasn't with us because he's spending the weekend at Sandra's.

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