Monday, May 18, 2009

Back from CKC!

Hi! I'm back from CKC and had so much fun! The first thing I want to tell you is that I won Second Place in both Creating Keepsakes and Simple Scrapbooks contests! Yippee! When I saw the other layouts displayed (about 8 others), I thought that I didn't have a chance. It was so funny because when they held up the second place winning layout for Simple Scrapbooks, I looked at it without realizing it was mine! I then said--"Oh My, that's mine!" at the same time they called out my name! I got my prize and one of the CK staff took my pic. I went back to see who else would win and before I knew it, the CK staff member said "We have a double winner today---Lori DiAnni has won second place again!" I was thrilled! It wasn't first, but I didn't care. I was glad that I was recognized for my work. The funny thing is, I almost gave up and didn't enter at the last minute. Thursday night at the hotel, I was having such a hard time putting the copies of the layouts together. Because my "Blogs" layout was interactive, I had to cut it just right and piece it back together again. I thought it would be easy, but what a headache! I almost threw the copies in the trash and called it a night! But, I perservered and got them done and entered them on Friday morning. Whew! Never did I think I had a chance.

But, back to CKC. It was fun! This was my 4th time, Jackie's second and my co-worker's first. As usual, we bought lots of scrapping goodies. I did stay in my budget too! As of right now, I have all my stuff in piles behind me, but plan on organizing it tomorrow. As of this week, Jackie and I plan on putting away some money each week so we'll have it all set for next year. I'm already looking forward to it. Oh, it was Jackie's 21st birthday on Sunday, so Saturday night at the Send Off Crop, Stacy and Sandra (two friends of mine) presented Jackie with a box full of goodies that they had purchased at the Vendor Fair. They also spoke to the CK staff to have them announce it. It was so funny how they did it. Jackie was just scrapping away, minding her own business, when the woman said over the mike--"I understand that we have someone here who is turning 21 tomorrow." Jackie looked up, but didn't put it together yet. Then she said. "Do we have a Jackie DiAnni here?". Jackie's eyes lit right up and she stood up. We clapped our hands and she asked Jackie to come up and pick a gift. She chose a nice magazine and as soon as she sat down at our table, Sandra and Stacy carried over the box as we sang Happy Birthday. Jackie was so happy! It was great! So, all in all, it was a great weekend.

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dragonflydreamer said...

Congratulations! That is so awesome to be recognized for your talents. So exciting.