Sunday, June 7, 2009

40th Class Reunion!

No, not mine, although I'm close, but my husbands! We drove down to Mass. for his 40th class reunion held at the Vittori Rocci Post in Beverly, Mass. The first two people we met inside were two of Michael's old girlfriends! It was so funny! Michael has never been to his reunions and decided that he would go to this one more out of curiosity than anything. His two ex's were very nice--I liked them, but the funny thing is that the first thing one of the ladies said to me when she saw Michael was: "I kissed him first!" and she rushed over to him and hugged him! Then the other one says, "Wow, he was HOT back then!" Course, my dh doesn't look anything like he did in high school, but Jane and Nancy (the ex's) thought he was still cute. We had a great time, although for $40, the food choice was awful. We had a choice of lasagna, meatballs and sausage, penne pasta with broccoli and tossed or spinach salad. The portions were small and I felt that we paid way too much for such a poor choice. Oh well, it was a fun night and Michael was happy he went.

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