Monday, June 29, 2009

A New Creation!

This is my first mixed media project that I finally completed! I've started other projects in the past but always gave up. This is a project I found in Crafts n Things magazine. It's called a Bird Terrarium. I made it from a mason jar and some wood 'findings' that I purchased at the craft store. The inside of the jar is filled with spanish moss (excelsior) and a faux bird. The stand is made from 3 pieces of wood that have been painted and crackled to give a distressed look. The top is made from the metal lid, a cap to another bottle and a wooden knob. I just painted everything and then glued the pieces together. I then smeared some brown ink here and there. I was asked by a local craft store to bring in some items so I think that this will be one of those items. Wish me luck!

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Bree and Reilly said...

this is very cool.....and what a unique item it is