Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

We celebrated with fireworks last night in our little town (Sanford, ME). We've had horrible rainy weather for the last month and we thought for sure it would be rained out. Well, the day turned out beautiful! It was sunny, in the mid 70's--absolutely beautiful! We packed up chairs (and raincoats-just in case!) and headed off to the park to watch the ski show and then wait for the fireworks. It was slated to start at 9:00 and wouldn't you know---it starts to rain at 8:35. No kidding!!! We threw on our raincoats and waited it out, hoping the rain would stop in time. And then the thunder and lightning started. My husband got a tad nervous and decided we had to leave. The kids were disappointed but we figured it would get cancelled anyway--why stay and get wet, right? In order to get to the car, we had to walk through the park, up the road, up a hill and walk another half mile to the car. The rain eased up but we still heard thunder getting closer. Just as we got to the top of the hill and headed for the car, the first fireworks were set off. It was so strange because off in the distance (about 10 miles or so) it was lightning. We just stayed on the street and watched from there. It wasn't too bad of a view either. I took several pics of the fireworks, but most are blurry. The red one was the best. The other photo are sparklers. I really need a better camera. I even had the settings set for "fireworks". I hope all of you have a great, fun and safe 4th of July.

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