Sunday, August 16, 2009

We Had A FUN Family Day!

Today, we went to Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine--about a 45 minute ride for us. Michael (my husband) happened to hear about this place from a co-worker and passed the info onto me. Fort Foster is a state park with three small beaches, a pier, grills on grassy knolls and great views of the ocean. Now, we've lived in Maine for 20 years and Michael has fished many different areas along the coast and he had never heard of this place before. It sounded like a great place to spend the day. It was a very scenic drive. We drove Rte. 236 to 103 East. Very easy! We found a spot not too far from the parking lot and we set up at a picnic table on an overlook that had great views. I made a simple lunch of hotdogs and chips--very easy to cook and little clean up really. We brought along plenty of drinks due to the heat. It reached 94 degrees. One place I wanted to check out before leaving was the pier. It was low tide which is the best time to go as there is plenty of beach! At high tide, the water comes right up to the trail.

So, my husband and I and the kids took a walk to the pier, about a 1/2 mile, maybe 3/4 of a mile from where we were set up. I took some goofy pics of each of the kids and Michael pretending to hold up the pier. Check out the pics below. Then we took turns posing beneath the pier amongst the seaweed covered pilings. On the way back, the girls and I played frisbee in the water while Zachery hunted for shells and clams. We also took a walk along one of the other trails which wound it's way around a pavilion which was closed due to a wedding reception, past an old tower to the fort and down to Sandy Beach which is popular among scuba divers and kayakers. Val decided it was a good place to bring her boyfriend and the dog. Alot of beaches up here don't allow dogs. We decided it was a great place to hang out all day and hopefully we'll return before the end of the summer.

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DeeDee said...

OH My...I have been to Kittery Maine..I loved it lucky of you to be so close to visit...what lovely pictures you have of a very fun you just brought back some wonderful memories for me too...thanks for the journey.