Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Autumn, Everyone!

It is a beautiful day here in Maine. Today is the first full official day of Autumn. I LOVE the early part of fall where it's still warm. It's supposed to be 80 degrees today--love it! I love the changing of the leaves and the fall decor that goes with it. I don't like the shortening of days though. I posted a photo that just shows the leaves changing. Although we're in Maine, the leaves here in the southern part are just starting to change color. In about 2 weeks or so we should be at peak. These warm days and cool nights will bring some great color to the area. I love snapping photos of the trees in their magnificent colors.

Yesterday, the kids and I stopped at Wallingford Farm (est. 1804) after leaving a doctor's appointment in Kennebunk and I took some pictures. On a side note, I have always admired this house. It was built in 1804 and is currently gutted as they are remodeling it as well as the barn. The store is in what was once a carriage house I believe. Old houses is another love of mine. Anyway...

I thought the painted hay bales were different. And, of course, there are pumpkins everywhere! They had hydrangea bushes scattered about with benches. I cut my own hydrangea flowers to dry at home. That was a first. They have several hydrangea bushes (more like trees) that you can cut your own ($1.29 for a small head and $1.99 for a large head). I went for the small as I was limited on funds--lol! In the center of the farm was an area with several styles and colors of pots and planters.

So, I thought I'd share some pics of the approaching Fall season for those of you who don't have any changes of seasons or for those who are just plain curious as to what is so wonderful about this time of year. Thanks for looking and have a great day!

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Kelly said...

great pictures Lori. I Love fall also. It feels more like summer here right now, although it is the 1st day of fall. Our trees have started to turn also, in about 2 weeks time I plan on going back to my hometown to take pics, it is absolutely beautiful where I will be taking them. When I get them I will post some for all to see the beauty in the world! Take care sista, ~Kelly~