Monday, November 23, 2009

Overpacked and Little Done

Please note before reading--this is a long post, but you might find it funny)

I started out on Saturday evening with every intention of getting everything I needed for Sunday's crop packed away so that I could sleep in on Sunday morning and not worry.  Yeah, right!  You know what they say about good intentions, right?

I woke up Sunday morning around 8:00 figuring that 2 hours was plenty of time to get things ready for the crop.  Did I mention that we have to bring something to eat for everyone?  My daughter, Jackie, always goes with me and she was bringing quiche which I had cooked the previous evening because she wasn't feeling well.  (Hence the reason why I didn't get any packing done).  Then, my oldest daughter, Valerie, (who doesn't scrap), decided she was going to tag along because she wanted to work on a few pages for a book that she's giving to her boyfriend's mother.  (Ah, another reason why I didn't get to pack Saturday night---we spent a couple of hours deciding what papers she would use for this album). Are you seeing a pattern here on why I'm not getting anything done?!

I brought up 3 totes from the basement figuring that 3 totes is PLENTY for the few things we're bringing!  Yeah, right!  I step into my scraproom and look around wondering where to begin, what to work on, what to pack.  This is the moment that I have a hard time with.   So, I grab a few page kits from the shelf and toss them into a tote.  I go to my mini album stash and grab a few of them "just in case I finish the page kits".  As I start tossing in my albums, I realize I need paper.  Hmmmm.   I toss in two packs of multi-colored cardstock (20 sheets each pack)--that's 40 sheets of cardstock!!  I toss in 2 packs of 8x8 paper for my daughter (who by the way, couldn't decide in 2 hours what paper she wanted!).  At this point, one tote is full.  Ah, gotta bring the Cricut to print titles, etc.   And...I've got to bring ALL the cartridges (I only own 8 of them, but....) because who knows if someone else there might want to use the Cricut?  (We tend to share alot of our tools and equipment).  So, the Cricut and the cartridges are put into a smaller tote which is the perfect size for it!  Two totes packed and I'm still not done!

While musing about what else to bring, I decide to bring a kit that I've tried for the last 3 months to start (and finish) and the package has yet to be opened!!  I packed a canvas frame kit by Quick Quotes that was started last month at the crop and wasn't finished.   So in the tote bag it went. Now, along with all those partial kits and unfinished projects, I need to pack some ribbon.  I go to my ribbon stash and not knowing exactly what colors I might need, I toss in the whole stash!  Along with ribbon, I need buttons!  What color?  Oh heck--just toss in all the jars!  Also in the tote goes the Xyron Sticker Maker, the Xyron 500, a mini sewing machine (I need that to finish a page for a challenge that has to include stitching!).

Time ticks on and Valerie shows up.  Am I ready to go?  What?!  I glance at the clock--it's 9:45!  We are suppose to be leaving right now!  OMG!  I'm still in my pj's.  Valerie, being the wonderful daughter that I love and adore and always wants to lend a helping hand (where was she 2 hours ago!), asks if I need help.  Ahhhh, yeah!   She asks me about the salad for the quiche (that was my donation).  OMG!  I totally forgot to make the salad!   She kindly offers to make the salad.  Didn't I tell you she was a helping hand?

I breathe a sigh of relief and go back to packing.  Again, I glance around and wonder if I have everything.  I realize that I've packed all 3 totes and still need something else to pack the rest.   I call to Valerie to see if she still has that crate in her room that's not being use.  She obligingly brings it down and I'm happy again.  I go back to packing the essentials for the crop.  I might as well pack Jackie's box of buttons (because she has a different assortment than I do).  And, gotta pack the other box of brads--the one that comes with 100 different colors.  Oh, and I can't forget the box of bling!  Who knows if I might need just a touch of bling on my layout or other creations?    At this point, I happen to glance up to another shelf and lo and behold--there are 2 jars of ribbon--so different than what I had packed.  I just might need those---in the crate they go!  Then I realize that I never packed my stamps!!!  Fortunately I know which acrylic stamps I need and it's only ONE sheet.  But, I need inks.  What colors?  Oh heck, toss in brown, black, and some Christmasy colors---that should do it!  Now I need the block, the cleaner, the cleaning pad---I just toss the whole box they're stored in, into the crate!   Wowza!  The crate is nearly overflowing.   I'm sure though that I can squeeze a couple more things in there.....

"Mom! It's 10:05--are you ready?"   I scramble upstairs, grab some clothes and hurry down to the bathroom for my morning routine.  I dash back out at 10:15, ready to go.   And there in the kitchen by the door are 3 totes, packed solid, an overflowing crate, two AMM totes (to carry our tools and adhesives), our purses, a salad, a quiche, and 3 assorted salad dressings.

We diligently packed the car and headed out the door by 10:25.  Not bad.  We'll be about 40 minutes late for the crop.  But, I'm ready!!

The girls and I arrive and Val works on  her pages--all 4 8x8 of them--she barely used the stuff that she thought she was going to use.  She stayed for about 2 hours and then had to leave.  I helped Jackie make an Explosion Book (still not finished) along with an accordion album (these are going to be Xmas gifts).  I finally get to what I want to do.  In the end, guess what I accomplished?!!!

Yes a simple Turkey Paper Piecing!!  But, he is cute, isn't he?

I also started one layout for a challenge, but it's not done.  As usual.  We left the crop at 5:30.   But....I had alot of fun---eating, talking, laughing, complain about kids and bash men--all the fun things girls do when they get together!

You know what the sad (and funny) part of this is?  I had a MONTH to get ready for the crop and I waited until 2 HOURS before hand!  No wonder my husband shakes his head.

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