Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Hunt For The Perfect Tree

Today we went to Carpenter's Farm as we do each year to find our perfect Christmas Tree. Last night, it snowed and left about 3 inches on the ground. It definitely put us in the mood to hunt for the tree that would stand proudly in our living room, displaying cherished ornaments and keeping guard over our gifts.

Michael grabbed the sled and we hiked down a snowy and muddy path to a field laden with hundreds of trees--as far as the eye could see (or so it seemed). There were so many other people there, checking each tree, measuring them, taking family photos by the trees. It didn't take long before we found our tree. It wasn't too big, nor too small--it was just right! Due to the small area it's going to stand in, we were limited to a small tree as compared to the many larger trees surrounding it.

Before I let my husband chop the tree down, I had to take pictures of the kids (for Xmas cards, of course!) and me and him by the tree. Once that was done, Michael started to cut at the base and then let Zachery assist him. It only took a few minutes and the perfect tree was felled! It was gently placed on the sled and then back to the car we trudged.

Once home, Jackie and I had to leave for a couple of hours but during our absence, Michael set the tree in its stand and set it in it's spot in the living room. Normally, Michael has to twist and turn and tug and curse, trying his best to get the tree to stand just right without tipping over! We actually had a tree tip over several years ago, only moments after the girls finished playing a board game and then had sat on the couch. I lost several fragile ornaments back then. Since that incident, we now 'tie' the tree to the wall using fishing line. It works!

Once I got home, I couldn't find fault with it and so began putting on the lights and the ornaments as well as listening to Christmas music. Michael just sits back on the couch (another tradition) and watches us oooooh and aaahhhh over the decorations as we do each year. He does hang up one, and only one, ornament---his #8 fish hook. He places it in just the right spot so when he's lying down or sitting in 'his spot' on the couch, he can see it.

I just love traditions--even if they come with a certain amount of headaches. This year, though, we lucked out.

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laterg8r said...

what a great tradition :D