Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Not Scrapbooking, but it uses Scraps!

What am I talking about?  Firestarters, that's what!  I've been busy packing this week for our camping trip on Saturday.  I was browsing through the internet about camping and all that it entails, when I came across this great little Firestarter How To.  It's easy and would be a great project to do with your children.  You don't need to go camping to use these firestarters.  They can be used in your home fireplace or a home fire pit. 

All you need are newspapers or an old phone book, which is what I used as it was easier to cut the paper into strips.  A bunch of old crayons, muffin cups and a muffin tin.

So, how did I make these?

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.  Fill each muffin tin with 3 muffin cups EACH.  That equals 36 cups unless you're making less than a dozen.  Then, cut your newspaper or phone book pages into 1 inch strips.  Being a scrapper, I used my trimmer.  I tried doing it by hand, but the strips were too wide and wouldn't fit in the cups.  You will need to cut quite a few.  Next, roll up the strips and set into the cup.  You may need to roll up more strips and add until the cup is full.  Once all the cups are full of paper strips, then you can add your crayons.  I snapped old crayons into 1 inch pieces.  The crayons will melt into the paper strips leaving the paper of the crayons on top!  Put the muffin tin into the oven and let it 'cook' for 15 to 20 minutes.  Let cool when melted and store in a cool, dry place.  Hope it works!

Here are pictures of mine:

Enjoy your firestarters!


T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Lori, have a great camping trip. A friend makes crazy crayons this way without the paper strips of course and paper taken off the crayons before melting. But I've never heard of firestarters. Definitely a great way to use up scraps and something that would need to be recycled anyways. Best wishes to you and yours, Tammy

A Cards Delight said...

Very cool idea and I will try it! Have fun camping