Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another Craft Fair is over

I attended the Alfred Elementary School Craft Fair this past weekend and did fair (excuse the pun!). I heard alot of comments that they loved my stuff but they didn't know what to do with it. I gave potentional customers some advice and encouraged them to buy the best I could, but without luck. One passerby commented that because the items were made from paper than it wouldn't last long. It will if you take care of anything else that's of a fragile matter!

I did get one lady who works at a day care center who would like me to teach classes every other week for her pre-schoolers. I was excited by that and am in the process of devising my scrapping projects for little hands. Several people took my business card and brochure, so I'm hoping that that will bring in business.

During the week, I'll be posting my creations along with prices and setting up a PayPal button. I hope that you'll return and be inspired by my designs.

Take a peek at the slideshow of some of the items  I was selling:

Thanks for looking!

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Lisa West said...

Oh Lori, I totally understand. I did my very first craft fair last week,Bowdoinham. It was slow this year anyway, but people just didn't seem to "get it". I answered questions and had alot of comments but they just were not sharing the same visuals I had for the purpose of my crafts. I feel like I need to make them more "finished" so it's more obvious and quicker to use maybe. (my tags already on paper gift bags maybe). I had many "whimsical jars" but some I left empty for filling with homemade candy or fudge. Maybe people just are not spending this year. I share your disappointment but it has made me appreciate Etsy's and "buying local" even more. I'll check back, maybe we could even consider a fun trade!! Take care, Lisa