Monday, July 11, 2011

Help! Where are my followers?

I hope you can help me, my friends.  I changed the font style on my blog and next thing I knew, my Followers went missing!  Does anyone know what I might've done or how to get them back?  I posted a question to blogger but haven't gotten an answer.  It shows that I have 193 followers on my dashboard, but the 'block' of followers doesn't show.  If anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks,


T's Daily Treasures said...

Blogger seems to have ongoing issues. I can't even change my font color or appearance anymore. Some blogs don't have their follower gadget showing up at all anymore but mine is fine. I switched to Google Chrome when all the problems started and that helped in some ways but the rest must be blogger issues that I can't figure out. :/ good luck and best wishes, Tammy

Missouri's Lilac said...

It isn'e anything you did. My blog has been doing the same thing off and on for about a month now. The followers list will come back soon. :)