Monday, July 25, 2011

More Creations to Share With You!

I just finished and mailed off the special order 50th  Anniversary Beach Mini Album.  It took up all my free time but it's done.  It's the biggest mini I've ever created--9"x 10 1/2"!   I really hope the recipients like it--better yet--that they LOVE it!  I also made 2 notepad holders and 2 purse minis that the buyer wants to use for gift cards.  So, they are now enroute to a new home where I hope my creations are well cared for and appreciated.

Here's the video of the Beach Mini, Part 1:
And here's Part 2:
And, here are the two notepad holders:

And, here are the two purse minis:

Here is the inside of the Blue Purse:

And the inside of the Brown Purse

If anyone wants me to do a tutorial on the Purse Minis, please let me know.  I'm now working on some pages for two travelogues and hope to get those uploaded soon as well.  Thanks for looking!

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Gloria Sauve said...

I am so impressed by your beautiful work. I am inspired beyond belief!! I have at least four mini-albums that I want to get started on and see your masterpieces has just sparked my creativity! Thank you so much for sharing your work with the crafting community.