Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today is a tragically sad day

How do you accept the loss of a child?  How do you stay strong when your little one is gone?  Why would God take such an innocent child before she even had the chance to really live?  

I have asked so many questions on why a little baby was taken away from her loving parents last Monday.  Isabella was only 3 months old.  And she died of SIDS.  I have never met this baby, but I know the family through my daughter who is dating a man who is a cousin to the father of the baby.  Isabella was napping while her aunt babysat and mom was at work.  She was discovered at 4:00 in the afternoon by both aunt and mom.  She had a blanket by her nose and mouth and the autopsy showed that she had suffocated.  Isabella was at the age where she was learning to roll over and was putting things in her mouth.  Evidently there was a blanket in the crib and she brought it up to her face but couldn't take it off.  By the time the aunt checked on her, she was gone.  When I heard about this Monday night when I got home from work, I was so heart sick!   I want to yell to parents of infants to NOT put blankets, stuffed animals, bumper pads, etc in their cribs.  It doesn't take much for a baby to stop breathing. 

So, this morning at 10:00, I went to the wake.  The family chose to have an open casket and there was little Isabella lying in this tiny white coffin.  It was so horribly sad.  My daughter and the sister-in-law put together some 'posters' displaying all the photos of her.  There were so many!  She was such an adorable baby--very happy, very healthy.  Although I didn't know the baby personally, I just couldn't stop crying.  Mom and Dad were doing quite well considering what they've been through this past week.   There were a few photos of Isabella sitting in an apple tree (with mom's help of course) last Saturday.  She was full of smiles.  Who would think that a week later, people would be at her funeral.   I try not to blame God.  I try not to question why He does what He does, but sometimes, I just do. 

I ask that you pray for this family that God will give them strength to endure the heartache on the loss of baby Isabella.  And, hug your babies. 

Wishing you God's Blessings today.....


Jessica said...

I emphasize with the cousin passed before his 1st birthday from SIDS quite a few years ago. Sometimes our Heavenly Father's plans are unexplainable and yes, questionable, at times. I have said a prayer for the family's courage and strength through these difficult times.

Lisa West said...

I can't fathom such a day. My 9yr old's name is Isabella. I'm so sorry for your sadness this week. I will say a prayer for their perseverance through this.
I initially wanted to tell you how nice your craft room looks. It's so organized and charming. A warm inviting place. Enjoy, Lisa

Cheryl said...

Ouch that is horrid, my 4 month old twins gandbabies are starting to stick things in their mouth and my daugheter watches them like a hawk - sooo sad and I am so sorry for all involved every one of them!