Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is a day for romance and love and all that 'mushy' stuff--lol!  Hubby and I don't have any plans for this day.  I went shopping with my daughter, who also treated me to lunch.  I arrived home to find a handmade card with money inside!  Yippee!  My husband doesn't buy me flowers.  Why?  Because I've asked him not to.  I can't see spending the money on roses that will die in a few days.  I would much rather have money or a gift that will last a lot longer.  I also don't get candy (at my request).  I really don't need the extra calories.  Usually I sneak a small piece of candy from the box that I usually buy for my husband. 

We plan on having the usual dinner with the kids and then he'll watch tv and go to bed early.  Me---I'll be playing in my scraproom.  Romantic, huh?  Oh well, I guess after 27 years of marriage, the romance is gone.   Nah.  It's there--we just show it in different ways.   

Well, I'm off to organize my scraproom in the basement and work on some swaps.  I hope that all of you will feel the love on this special day. 

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Cinthya said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day. Thanks for linking to Friday Shout-Out. I'm following back.