Thursday, August 24, 2017

It has been FOREVER!

since I've written anything on this blog.  I've been so busy with my job, my grandchildren, and just the everyday things that Life throws at us on a daily basis.

Plus, I've gone back to another passion of mine besides scrapbooking and that is. . .writing.  I took a long hiatus and did nothing by concentrate on the hobby of scrapbooking.  So, last August of 2016, I decided that I was going to become a member of RWA National and join the New England Chapter Romance Writers.  It was the right decision and I'm happy to say that I met with an agent last April who requested a partial--first 3 chapters, a synopsis, and a query letter.  I've been working hard on getting this together so I can finally mail it out to Courtney at Handspun Literary Agency.

Oh, I also couldn't get into eBlogger for days now!  It wasn't recognizing me as the admin of my blogs. Finally, tonight, it worked and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

So, I just wanted to catch up a little bit and will do my best to share any of the creations I may make in the future.  My daughter Jackie and I will be attending a scrapbook event in October for an entire weekend in Saco.  Can't wait for that one!  We also attended a one day scrapbooking event back in March with Cindy Paradis--the same lady who is doing the one in October called Croptoberfest.

Well, it's late and I want to get back to working on my writing blog.  

Thanks for understanding and visiting.

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