Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not Much Done Today

Why is it when you plan on getting so many things done, you're lucky if one gets checked off the list? Between my husband giving me a list of things to do and helping my daughter with what she needed done, and having to get ready for work (leaving in an hour as I write this), I didn't accomplish one thing, scrapping-wise, that I needed to do. I only have Friday to finish my two layouts and my card for the CKC contest. Saturday I need to bring them to Staples to have them copied. Monday and Tuesdays are washouts because of appointments and work. We're leaving Thursday morning. I still have to pack, put together photos out of God knows how many photos I have stored away for the different projects we're taking at CKC and the normal everyday stuff around the house each day. I feel so overwhelmed right now! Wow--reading this sounds as though I'm just complaining. I guess I am and I don't want to come across as doing that. I love my hobby and would do it for hours, but I do have other responsibilities and it's hard to give up once the flow is happening in order to run errands and go to work. Well, if any of you read this, I appreciate you listening. I'll feel better once I manage my time better. Anyone good at time management?


very_inky_fingers said...

Reading your post made me laugh! I cannot imagine how you get all of that done? Are you kidding?? LOL You are a super woman. Clearly you will get everything done because are SW! I managed to get out of bed. My husband just mentioned that HE feels like that goddess with all the arms. Haaa!!! I spit my coffee out when he said it. You KNOW what I mean. LOL

Controlling My Chaos said...

Ha! I wish. I struggle with this very same thing EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. When you figure it out, you let me know the secret, okay?