Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Fun Time Was Had At the Cookout

Last Sunday (7-19), I went down to Massachusetts for a cookout at my parents. We haven't had one since last summer. It was a good time and the food was great! At first, I didn't think I had brought enough chicken and steak tips, but there was plenty! My great-nephew was there and, of course, everyone had to have a chance to hold him. My aunt and uncle were there--I hadn't seen them in a long time. I thought I'd share some pics of the day. Enjoy!

Above is Zachery (my grandson--now adopted son) and my nephew, Tyler

My aunt husking corn

This is my brother Wayne holding my great-nephew, Jackson

My sister, Sherri holding her grandson--Jackson

Me and my sisters--Sherri's on the left, I'm in the middle and Heidi's on the right.
We're sitting on what will soon be her new farmer's porch

Above is handsome Jackson!

Kayla, (my neice and Jackson's mom) with my daughter, Jackie


My brother in law teaching the boys how to drive a tractor--This is Zac driving.

My dad and my husband discussing grilling techniques--maybe?

I hope you gals had a great weekend as well.


nfaband said...

Aren't family get togethers the best, we had a huge reunion last year and had such a nice time. So when you say you went "down to NH" where are you heading out from. My DD goes to college in NH and we visit her frequently, being only a few hours away in CT makes it's easy.

nfaband said...

OK ... so I completely messed up my post to your blog ... I don't know why I said "NH" ... I definitely read that you were in Mass. and I've already answered my own question about where you headed out from when you went to Mass. ... LOL ... I love Maine. In fact I've been there twice already this summer and have a couple more over nights planned there. You're lucky to get to spend your days there.