Monday, August 3, 2009

A Beach Day---Finally!

We have had so much rain in the month of June as well as July that when we finally got some decent warm days, my plan was to head to the beach. We finally had a day last week (and, yes, I'm just posting this now). Every year, we do our best to make a family day of it and last Tuesday, the 29th, was our family beach day. It was hot and humid, 92 degrees here in town so we figured it'd be in the low to mid 80's at the beach. We live about 20 miles inland. Lunches were packed, the car was packed with the essentials--blanket, chairs, umbrella, cooler and we were ready to drive to Kennebunk. One of our favorite beaches is Gooch's Beach, but you have to get there during low tide or else there is no beach. At high tide, the water comes right up to the road. You'll see in one of the pics--me reading a magazine, that there is a wooden "structure" in the background--above that is the road and that is where the tide goes up to at high tide. We arrived at the beach around 9:00 and already it was getting busy. The water was loaded with seaweed and alot of other crap (which gave the water a brownish hue) which was due to all the rain storms we had over the last several weeks. Michael even took Zac fishing off the rocks. We searched among the tide pools for sand dollars (which is rare to find) but Zachery did find a crab. Oh and the last photo is of the Colonial Hotel which was about 2 miles from us. This is just up the street from Walker's Point (President Bush's summer home). Enjoy the pics ladies and have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun!



Rosie said...

Hi Lori! I'm sorry I've been absent, my computer still has 2 more of shipping before it comes home and I am using my moms computer right now. I just wanted to let you know that I am working on your blog candy prize and it will be mailed out next week! Looks like you guys had great fun at the beach! We had a very rainy start to the summer and though maybe we wouldn't get any beach time in either, but we've gotten lucky, now to just find the time to go to the beach while it's still sunny and hot!