Monday, August 24, 2009

Come See What We Did Today

In the post below, I said how we were going to go to Ogunquit to play the tourist. Well, we arrived at Perkins Cove, a beautiful artsy community of Ogunquit, around 1:00. We parked down by the ocean and were in awe of the waves--a left over of Hurricane Bill. They weren't as big as yesterday, but they were still a beautiful site. I got some great photos that I can't wait to scrap.

The kids and I strolled the Marginal Way, which winds along the coast for about a mile, I believe. Our walk ended at Perkins Cove where we immediately stopped into a place for something cold to drink. Our next stop was a candy store where Jackie and Zac tried to fill up buckets of goodies. They only bought a small amount as it was very expensive, plus they don't need the extra sugar!

My next stop was the bridge because I wanted to get pics of the boats sitting in the cove. Just when I finished snapping a pic of Zac with the boats in the background, the bell rang, warning us that the bridge was about to open. I barely made it out of the way when the bridge opened right up. God forbid, if you didn't move fast enough! From there, we walked to the Xmas Tree Shoppe, but it turned out to be a let down. Valerie, my oldest dd was looking for some sand dollars and sea glass to create a gift for a friend who's getting married this Saturday. Our last stop and we hit paydirt, was a place called "Scallops". It is loaded with every type of shell imaginable! Zac bought a shark's tooth and I got some shells to decorate the outside cover of the mini album I'm going to create about this special day. While we were in the store though, it started to rain (lightly) and we had about a mile and a half to walk to get back to the car. Thank God, it didn't start to pour out. Walking in the lightly falling rain felt good. It was a fun afternoon.

If you're ever in Maine and want to visit a community that is geared for artists, primarily painters, then Perkins Cove is the place for you. Tons of places to eat and wonderful Bed and Breakfast places to stay. I just love Maine! Can you tell? I don't have to drive far to enjoy the same thing that others are paying quite a bit for--kwim? If you want to view more pics than what is here, please go to my Flickr page. Just CLICK HERE.



DeeDee said...

looks like a awesome fun day to me..I love being the tourist...

Vanessa said...

What a beautiful day you spent! It is very beautiful all photos. I live in a beautiful island, Puerto Rico. I love seeing your blog. I'm sorry can not comment more because I don't speak well English. Thanks for share your photos. I love digital scrapbooking too!!(something in spanish---Tienes un blog muy hermoso. Me encanta visitarlo. Dios te Bendiga mucho a tí y a tu familia.......God Bless you and your family!

Beate said...

Your photographs are just LOVELY! Maine is so beautiful, I hope to go there one day.

Elizabeth said...

My family goes to Ogunquit every year for the past 15 summers.
I was reviewing my New England Blogger records, and I don't have an email for you to send you info when we are doing a little activity or such.
If you'd like to be on the list just send me an email at:e_bogardus(AT)hotmail(DOT)com