Thursday, February 4, 2010

Plans for the Blogaversary are Under Way!

I have got my blog candy all set. I just need to take pictures of it tomorrow when the lighting is better and I'll post it tomorrow. I also plan on writing up my Blogaversary post which will go up early Friday morning--of next week. My theme is "Firsts" and I would like any of you who are interested in coming to my party, to think about your "First". Here are some ideas:

First Blog Post
First Anniversary
First Baby
First Home
First Job
First Layout
First Card
First Altered Art Project
First Haircut
and on and on and on......

All I ask is that you write a post telling us about your "First" and then linking to me via Mr. Linky. You also need to post a photo in relation to the content of your post. I will be putting up Mr. Linky over the weekend so if you plan on 'attending' my party, just add your name with a link to your post about your "First ?". Some of you who are familiar with how this works, won't have a problem. I sure hope I'm explaining this right! This is the first time (hey, another first!!!) I'll be doing something through Mr. Linky, so I'm hoping it'll work. I'm also hoping that new visitors will become followers, although it is not a requirement. I have to admit, though, that I LOVE getting followers and hope my blog inspires you enough to want to be one.

I've also added a button to the sidebar on the right. Just copy and paste to your blog and pass the word along! Do not copy and paste the banner above--it won't work. If you have trouble posting the button, please let me know.

Check back often for updates!
Have a great day!


Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Hi Lori,
will be checking in on this blog often.Looking really good.
All the best wishes on your blog..
Luv Maureen x

Queenie said...

Sounds fun Lori and i look forward to reading your firsts too.
Will have to think about my firsts as well and get back to you.
Can you pop on by my blog as i have an award for you.
Looking forward to your party!!
Will pop your button in my sidebar.

Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs said...

Thanks so much and I figured out HOW TO add your "Birthday Bash" button to my blog. YES!!! Woot! It is on the side bar and my blog is will be writing "My First" blog this evening...thanks again for the giveaway. I don't know where Mr Linky went...maybe for a cup of coffee? =) Love, Blessings, & {{{Hugs}}}