Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Back from CKC

I had so much fun at the 2010 Creating Keepsakes Convention in Manchester, NH. My daughter and I arrived at the Radisson on Thursday and after looking around a bit, we decided to have a bite at JD's Tavern. They have such great food! Yum-Oh! Jackie had the roast beef sandwich and I had a grilled chicken with a sauce that was to die for! Of course, I can't think of the name of it. The sandwiches were so big, we only ate 1/2 and saved the other to have for lunch the next day. We brought frozen meals thinking we would have a large enough refrigerator and a microwave. Well, we had the frig in the room, but no microwave. I was so hungry, and despite the fact that I promised myself I was only going to eat out once because of the money (and the budget I had set for myself), I decided that we were going to eat at the restaurant. The cost of the meal plus the tip was around $25.00. After we ate, we decided to go to the pool. Supposedly the pool was heated but it felt cold to me, so Jackie and I spent about 30 minutes in the hot tub and then it was back to our room. I got in my pj's and watched TV.

Friday morning we got up at 6:00, got ready and went down to the Vendor at about 7:45 to get in line. We were 4th in line! The reason why we go so early is to be one of the first 25 to get to the Quick Quotes booth where they had some freebies. While we were in line, the different vendors come by and hand out coupons to use at their booths. I sat there figuring out which booths I wanted to go to first. The plan that Jackie and I made before arriving was to go to the vendors that we really wanted to purchase items from (before we ran out of money!) and then when time allowed we would visit others. We also wanted to do some make n takes, which we've never done because we never allowed ourselves enough time to do so.

This was my 4th year going and Jackie's 3rd. In the past, we always took a lot of classes which left little time for shopping or just relaxing. This year we decided that that wasn't going to happen. And, as it turned out, we had plenty of time for shopping with no stress as we had only signed up for 4 classes--2 on Friday and 2 on Saturday. We also did the evening crops but Jackie didn't like it as they get too noisy and she gets too distracted. Even though we had already paid for Saturday's crop, we ended up sitting in the lobby with some other gals from our town and scrapped there. And, we accomplished getting some scrapping done! The night before (Friday), I helped Jackie create one item--a card--in 4 hours!!!! Jackie was going to enter it in the card contest on Saturday. We were up until around 12:30 am! I'm used to that, but Jackie isn't---her normal bedtime is 9:00.

Next year, a group of us plan on setting up a cropping area in a part of the hotel that we can set up some tables, a Cricut machine, etc. And, we're not the only ones planning on doing this. Matter of fact, we saw several ladies sitting at the round tables in the lobby and they were up all night scrapping! The staff of the hotel allowed it too, so that was good. Jackie and I will save $50 by not going to the evening crops.

All in all, we had a great time and we can't wait for next year!

Here are some pictures:
Our room. I re-made the beds to take the picture. The beds were in better shape when we arrived!
Jackie with her card creation for the Papercrafts Card contest. This was at midnight Friday. Jackie was soooo tired!
Michelle of Quick Quotes with me and Jackie (I'm wearing the pink). She's such an awesome teacher!!
Getting ready for the Quick Quotes class: "Chalk It Up, Paint It Up"--excellent class!
I love these gals! It's Angela (on my left) and....OMG--I forgot her name! She was too funny! Angela is the owner of The Button Farm here in Maine and she puts together the most wonderful mini album kits you can imagine!
The dessert table at JD's Tavern---Yum Oh!! (pssst--let's not think about the calories!)
JD's Tavern---a great restaurant inside the Radisson in Manchester, NH.
Jackie, Melissa Francis--love her stuff!---and me! She did a fantastic make n take!
Jackie and I shopping at the Vendor Fair (The Paper Loft is right behind us)
The S.E.I. booth
The Quick Quotes booth. This was at the end of the fair, that's why it looks so quiet and a bit empty of items. They had some wonderful kits.
A new vendor who had tons of great page kits.
Jackie and I after a long day of shopping and classes.
One of my good friends, Sandra. She sells jewelry made from vintage typewriter keys. Her business name is "All Keyed Up", here in Maine. Check her out!
Part of the Armory where the evening crop was held. Do you see the groups of ladies bunched around a table in the background. This was the Bazzil vendor table. They were selling packs of paper for $10, normally $20!
The Friday Night Crop held at the Armory, now a part of the hotel.
The Girls from Maine! We get together (along with others not present) and scrap one Sunday a month during the school year. They're a great bunch of gals!
I'm cropping outside the entrance to the crop. It was alot quieter and I got alot done! I'm working on a layout that I didn't finish in class.
Jackie and I in the lobby
Our little setup for our own little crop.

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