Sunday, March 13, 2011

I've Been Updating My Blog

As you might (or might not) have noticed, I've changed my blog a bit.  I went for a more vintage/fantasty look this time because I just loved the banner of the girl lying in the grass day-dreaming.  Of course, if you know me well enough, this will last a bit and then I'll change it up--either because of a seasonal change, holiday or I'm just plain bored to death with the background.  I also added some 'tabs' beneath the banner.  Just click on any of them and they should bring you to the correct page.  Fingers crossed.   I've been doing this all day.   I'm also working on a mini that involves an altered priority box.  I won't say more until it's done and I've uploaded it. 

Well, there's not much going on, so I'll make this a short post.  I'll try to post tomorrow.

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