Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Entry in Tamara's Travelogue at Your Paper Pantry

This is what I made for Tamara's travelogue for our group over at Your Paper Pantry.  I just love doing travelogues!  Tamara's theme was "Your Favorite Era".  I chose the Edwardian/Titanic era--so much elegance and so many inventions were made that have made our lives so much easier today--100 years later!  The Edwardian/Titanic era was from 1901 to the beginning of World War 1.  Here are some pics:
These 2 pages show the fashions and the homes of this era.  I created a small accordion album with several (alot!) of pictures of the 1910 fashions--most from the movie Titanic.  The next page is about the homes that were popular which were the Arts and Crafts style bungalows.  I live in one at the moment.  I printed off lots of pics with description of the interiors of these homes. 
The page on the left depicts the inventions of the era--and there were so many.  There was the airplane, the automobile, electric-ware, ovens, the camera, crayons, etc.  So many of these inventions paved the way for what we enjoy now and what has made our lives so much easier---100 years later!  The page on the right are pictures of movies set during the Edwardian/Titanic era.  I love all these movies!

I hope Tamara enjoys my entry into her travelogue.  Thanks, ladies, for looking!

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Rosie said...

I love it! You make such great things! Anyway, I'm back finally! It's only been a month but the cable company FINALLY came out and got our cable and internet all hooked up! And with mynew scraproom I plan on getting tons of stuff done and posted! Oh and I'm having a girl! It's been forever since I've been on and I found out last month, finally another after 3 boys! Go pink! Yay! lol