Friday, July 15, 2011

Welcome to the 3rd Annual "Where Bloggers Create" Blog Party!

Hello fellow bloggers and crafters,

Today is the day that Karen Valentine, over at My Desert Cottage, is putting on this blog hop for crafters to show off their crafty spaces whether it be a dining room, a closet, a corner of the living room, the kitchen table or a room of their own.  I've been waiting an entire year to do this again!  This party is for us to share our 'little bit of heaven' and share with all of you where it all happens.  It might seem to some of you that I have alot of stuff but, I'm not the only one scrapping here.  My youngest daughter, Jaclyn who's 23, scraps with me, hence the amount of stuff we own.  Pssst, she also has more money to buy scrappy goodness and I get to use it!

This is my second year attending.  Before we start, let me tell you that I'm an obsessed scrapper, a paper affaciando, an amateur photographer and a collector of eclectic items that touch my heart and soul.  This is a long post, only because I can't seem to not show everything in my room.  I hope you won't mind.

I've been scrapping for 13 years and I just love it!  My obsession at the moment is mini albums--all sorts.  I spend hours in here when I'm not working or cleaning the house.  I invite you to take the tour:

 My room hasn't changed a whole lot since last year, but I did want to share it again with those who may not have seen it last year.  Some things have been removed, other items added and some have been moved from one spot to another.  My creative space is always changing to suit my mood at the moment.  My room isn't big at all.  It's only approx. 12'x9'.  I'm limited to moving things because it has 2 built in wall units, a radiator under the picture window in front of my desk and the 2 French doors. 

My room isn't fancy or huge nor has all the bells and whistles that you might find in other rooms.  It certainly wouldn't qualify for Better Homes and Gardens or be on the cover of "Where Women Create", but to me, it's my haven--my place of inspiration--the place where I create and am fulfilled.  As you tour my scrap room, you'll see that I've added touches of teddy bears, handmade soft dolls, old cameras, items I've received from swaps, and other items that hold some sentimental value and I believe add character to my room. 

So, without further adieu, here is my room.  I hope you enjoy the 'tour'.

These are the French doors that open up into my scraproom.  My room is off of the livingroom.  It faces the side yard as well as the main street.

Let's start the 'tour' by looking around the room from left to right in a clock-wise direction. 
These bookshelves are to the left as you walk in.  These shelves are filled with patterned paper that would've fit on the paper racks.  Plastic boxes are covered with paper and hold chipboard.  I have a ton of chipboard.  The bottom two shelves hold my and my daughters (she scraps with me) page kits (incomplete ones). 
The tall narrow white bookcase holds an assortment of things from unfinished minis to CD's.  This paper rack holds my cardstock sorted in ROYGBIV.  Other slots hold themed paper (baby, vintage, holidays, seasons, etc).  I've used many systems over the years and this works the best for me. To the right of the paper rack is my computer desk.
This is where I blog and meet people like you who inspire and encourage me.  The top of the desk holds my printer and scanner.  I 'decorated' my scanner and printer with a vintage style tea-dyed doll, an altered tray received in a swap over at Your Paper Pantry.  The printer holds a box inspired by Laura Denison over at Following the Paper Trail along with another swap item from YPP.  I love to display my swap items.
These are mini's that need more work and sit on top of the paper rack that I just showed.
This is a vintage suitcase bought at a yardsale that sits on top of the white bookcase (shown above) that hold my stencils.  A cloth doll, vintage books and a couple of out-dated cameras sit up here as well. 
A close up of the items sitting on top of the computer desk.  I love having items like these around me as I create. 
A different view of the paper rack and the narrow bookcase.
Sorry for the blurred photo.  This is to the right of my desk.  The cage is home to our hamster, Coco shown below:

This unit holds all my blank chipboard, mostly minis.  The metal stand holds containers found at yards sales.  The tin coffee pot hold colored pencils, the planter holds decorative scissors and the bottom glass jar hold trimmer blades and other small items.
This is a build-in book case to the left of the window.  This is also to the right of my desk.  This was one of the features when we came to look at the house, that made me decide we had to live here so I could use this room as my scrap room.  My husband wanted it as a bedroom, but I put my foot down.  This unit holds so much!  The top shelf holds a box of K&co. stickers and embellies;, another holds Lisa Bearnson foam stamps.  The top is decorated with items purchased at yard sales.  The second shelf down holds a box of tags received from many swaps over the years; another box holds items for the Book of Me I've yet to make; another holds small paper packs and another some items for altering.  The third shelf hold boxes and boxes of stamps from acrylic to wood.  The fourth shelf has everything from tags, paper piecings, rubons, and miscell. embellies.  Other shelves hold photos, stickers, computer stuff and sheets of chipboard and packs of cardstock. 

If you look closely you'll see that all the 'boxes' (which are the containers from the Sterilite units bought at Walmart) are covered with patterned paper.  That's because I couldn't stand to see the 'innards' of the boxes.  As long as the boxes are labeled, then I know where to find things.  Some people need to see where all their stuff is, but it was to much for me.
This wooden rack was bought at a yard sale.  I'm not sure what it's original intent was, but I keep all the inks that I use 90% of the time here.  Other inks are stored elsewhere.
The vintage style birdhouse that hangs above the window seat.
This is the 'window seat' that faces the side yard.  The seat holds all the minis I've received from swaps over the last year or so.  I just LOVE mini albums!  The bottom space is where I store my sewing machine, my sewing box along with a box that holds patterns, a cloth doll, a book on vintage scrapping and a small cabinet bought at a yard sale that displays tiny teddy bears and minature items.  If you were standing at the French doors looking in, this is what you would face.
Sorry it's a bit blurred.  This is to the right of the window seat.  This book case holds tons of stuff stored in an assortment of Sterilite containters.  The 'stuff" I refer to ranges from themed embellies, buttons, flowers, paints, vintage embellies, glitter, floss, inks, fibers, etc.   I have small tags on most of them so I know where to find things.  I used a rose garland to decorate the top edges of my book cases and the valances. 

The baskets holding SOME of my ribbon, were once used to hold my 9x13 Pyrex baking dishes.  I decided they were more useful for storing my ribbon.

I have to label most of the drawers.  These small ones hold themed embellies.
Just a small sampling of my flowers.
This is to the right of the doorway.  This is the desk that I create at, if it's not too messy!  I added another bookcase (see below) and two more of the Sterilite units.  These units hold ribbon, wooden embellies, punches, etc.  The baskets (see photos below)  hold more embellies.  One stores letter and word stickers and rubons.  The other holds a wide assortment of paper embellies.  I store them this way because I just like to look at them.

This is my desk which won't stay clean for long!  It faces the porch and Main Street. 
To the right of the desk sits these items:  Stickles, Xyron, a vintage style suitcase that hold all kinds of  Tim Holtz items.  The small box with the bird stores small tools. 
This is a vintage sewing box that stores lace--some vintage and others that look and feel very vintage.  The cover of the sewing box displays two bracelets that a friend of mine made from vintage type-writer keys. 
Assorted tools
I use items found at flea markets and yard sales for storage.  The purse is one of them.  the altered tin was made for me from a swap over at Your Paper Pantry.  I just LOVE Tim Holtz. 
Another yard sale item that stores pens, business cards and other little assorted misc. items.  The top has another box that holds handmade cards received from swaps.  I also display 3 altered spools.
To the right of my desk and behind the door is another paper rack and bookcase made by my dad.  The bookcase holds books and magazines related to scrapping and the paper arts
The top of the bookcase displays a small assortment of birdhouses.  I love birdhouses.
A small sterilite container holding all my journaling pens
This is the bookcase to the left of my desk facing the wall unit.  These are more punches, my alcohol inks (need to find storage for these).  This unit sits on top of a bookcase bought at a yardsale.  Here it is:
 This bookcase holds my Cricut and cartridges, the Cuttlebug, circle cutters, the Slice and the Gator. 
Here's a closeup of the covered containers.
A closeup of the mini albums (half of them) on the window seat.
The other minis
Below the window seat----:

And a close up of the little cabinet:

Well, that's it everyone!  I hope you enjoyed my room and are inspired in some way.  I'll be visiting you as well and I'm sure I'll walk away with more ideas to use in my room. 

Thanks for stopping by


apinkdreamer said...

what an amazing creative place!!!

Rebecca said... have an simply amazing space. I would die to have that much room. Very organized (I like that!) and where everything can be seen. Makes my heart soar. LOVE IT ALL!

Thank you for visiting me...


Sara said...

wow wow wow. I love the way you have labelled your drawers. and the jars you have used for buttons etc. Hugs Sara

Melanie Statnick said...

I love what you've got going on here! Your paper palace is beautiful!

Dayle said...

Oh wow! You've got your own little store going on there. What a great place to create magic.

Gloria Westerman said...

This is so pretty....and organize...I love the way you cover the WM boxes.....I didn't like seeing them myself so I put mine in a I know all I have to do is cover the front.....thank you for this wonderful idea.....


Wow. Must be nice to hang out there! You have tons of yummies! Loved it!

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Lori,
I love your creative space and all the great organization. I simply love that and can not live without it in my space too.
The labels are great and everything right at your fingertips.
Happy Scrapbooking,
XO Celestina Marie

bertie said...

I love all of your goodies! Looks like you could get lost in there for weeks looking at all your treasures! Hope to see you at my studio!

Debbie said...

How much fun you must have in there. Wow how organized you are as well. All the colorful papers make me crazy, I just want to roll around in them.
Thanks for sharing!!

missshawna said...

What a great, organized space. I wish I were more organized. Thank you for sharing~

Claudia said...

You have a wonderful space - chock full of all of your favorite things. And you're very organized! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Dawn @ alteredartists said...

nice studio! I want to come over and create with you. Thanks for sharing.

Pretty Things said...

I love the sorted buttons! I've wondered if I should do that with mine -- right now they're all mixed up. I've sorted them in bags by color, but they're in jars all crazy. Not sure what that says about me! :-)

I hope you'll have time to visit my creative spaces!

ANNE said...

Lori, what a treat to discover your creative space -- its better than Michaels!! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me, since it gave me the opportunity to meet you in return.

Anonymous said...

I love how everyhing is so organized! And the clear containers are a great way to know where everything is. Love it!



Cathee said...

Lovely organized space that seems to hold alot!! wow love it!

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Lori,
Your creative space is beautiful! I love your french doors. I have a set going out to my side yard and one going into my workspace.
It's wonderful how you've organized all of your art and supplies; buttons in cute jars, organized paper rack, love how you use your baskets. One of my favorite things is how you use the lace and doilies to on your shelves to create a sense of vintage charm.
I so enjoyed my visit with you, it was well worth the wait.
Thank you for sharing.

kluless said...

What a delightful place to work, especially that desk right in front of the window. So perfect!

La Doña Jenny said...

Wow! I want to come over and play...what a creative room full of goodies. And yes, I want to get into your paper pantry too!


ArtbymeCindy said...

What a pretty and very organized space! I love it, looks like great place to work. Thanks for stopping by
my blog.


Geralyn Gray said...

You have a ton of supplies......they are nicely organized and it looks like a great spot to create how your desk has a window view.

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

What a Beautiful & Well Organized Creative space.... this sure is fun, looking into the Studios of so many Talented Bloggers~ Thanks for sharing, make sure you stop on by~

Lavender Cottage said...

Since I have just started making cards, I got so many ideas from your years of experience.
The lightbulb went on for me when you showed your ribbon - mine that is not on spools is jumbled up in a bag but I'm going to wrap it around pieces of cardboard now.
Thanks for the visit, I enjoyed your space.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Holy Schmoley.... That's a LOT of scrapbook art happenin' there.... I thought my armoir was loaded... :-) Yours is soooo organized toooo.

Warm blessings,

Terri said...

Oh Yeah some serious crafting goes on in this room. Wow! And it so nice and bright and cheery. TFS!

Kit said...

Oh wow! You are a lady after my own heart, you are soooo organized! Great space. My daughter scrapbooks and she would love to have a place like yours. Kit

stefanie said...

its perfect!!! i LoVe all your storage!!!!

WindandHoney said...

Wow!!! You have quite a treasure chest there! I LOVE that you work with your daughter. - wonderful!

Something Special said...

So much organization here, and I very much enjoyed visiting. I love your space. It must have every scrapbook supply known to man in it.

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Your space is truly amazing and wonderful ~ so much inspiration to be found here! And so well oranized...I like that :) Thank you for sharing your space with all of us :)

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Miss Sandy said...

Wow you are a serious scrapper, love it! Your storage is phenomenal, your supplies divine, and I adore your little mascot, so cute. Thank you for sharing your passion.

Sherry said...

Your room is so organized! I love that you know where to find everything and that it is so creatively displayed. What a perfect place to be inspired when you want to create something special. It appears that you do that often.

Meliss said...

Your space is so light and airy. Gorgeous. I can imagine taking a deep breath of freshness in! I adore all your stuffed animals and your birdhouses!

Thanks for your La-boratory love and I'm glad you enjoyed the post.


Renee said...

i love to scrapbook so was very interested in your space and storage ideas. Love your space

(I worked this weekend so I'm just now getting a chance to visit spaces)

Stephanie Suzanne ♥ Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Lori,

I think you win for having the most scrapping supplies! Your studio is so pretty and well organized. I know you enjoy every minute in there. I've enjoyed my visit and I'd love for you to pop in for a visit with me!

Pink Sparkles for your day,
Stephanie Suzanne ♥
Queen of Dreamsz

romance-of-roses said...

Oh wow, so organized. Love the button jars also like the wall paper in front of the drawers. Great space.

Valery said...

Beautiful creative studio. I love your birdhouses. Love all your collections and how you are so organized!

~CC Catherine said...

Hi Lori! Now THIS is a creative space friend! You have so many supplies, you could open up your own shop! :) I'm sure you create tons of lovelies that go out the door. How fun that you do this with your daughter. Love it! :) And it's so nice that you have a great view from your office to enjoy while creating! Very nice and sunny...

Monika/Buzsy said...

Very nice!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

I love your space - you are incredibly organized! I mean Super Organized. What inspiration! I'm running late at visiting - I've been stuffing bears. By the way, love your bears! Love, Linda

Diana said...

I love your studio. What a creative wonderland. So pretty. Can I come over and peek in your storage containers? Please!
I hope you have time to come and visit my studio.

. said...

So much to see, looks like you have an a amazing time creating in there. And your little friend in there is too cute, does he run on his wheel you are there working away : )

Magic Gypsy said...

Nice studio! Lots of stuff and I've never met a studio hamster before - Coco is cute and I bet she (or he) is good company.

Donna said...

Wow you have a wonderful space!!! It looks good to me!!! Thanks for sharing it!!

bobbie said...

You've packed so much into your space! I love all the personality!

Lynette Killam said...

This is just a stunning organized, with inspiration at every turn of the head..just wonderful!

And no creative space is complete without a furry friend for company, is it...LOL?

Cheryl De Beer said...

I am re-visiting the list, I think because I was in such a hurry to see as much as possible last time round I may have missed adding a few comments. Just want to say that I am so impressed with your space, so neat and tidy! Love it thanks for sharing.

Rita Barakat said...

what a pretty, pretty room! No wonder why much hasn't changed - it's such an amazing space!

Rebecca P said...

Everything is so pretty and organized! I love the double french doors, the built ins and the window seat! Gorgeous details! Thanks for sharing!

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