Sunday, December 18, 2011

I've Updated My Christmas Decor

I decided to change things up a bit since Wednesday (see previous post), so here are some new photos of my (now finished) Christmas decor.  Hope you like what I've done.
I added more snowmen, Santas and rearranged a few things. 

This is my hutch before: (very blah)
Then I added some more snowmen, rearranged others:
and then I added some snowflakes:

Below is a tray on my antique trunk that serves as a coffee table.  It's filled with ornaments, a candle and pinecones.
The hearth is updated:

I think that's about it.....for now.  I'm hoping to decorate the kitchen and dining area with a gingerbread theme.  Hope you'll stop by later to see what I've done.

Happy Holidays!

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