Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How does your my garden grow?  Well, right now, not much.  Living in southern Maine means having to wait until the end of May to plant because there's always the chance of frost even that late in the year.  So most New Englanders plan on working in their gardens the weekend of Memorial Day, afterall, in this neck of the woods, Memorial Day is the "official" start of summer and gardening.

My husband and I have a tradition to go to Springvale Nurseries to choose a bunch of flowers (usually annuals) along with tomatoe and cucumber plants.   I always choose cascading petunias because they bloom until October (which is a long season for us) and they're just so easy care for.  I also love Gerber daisies and try to get a couple of those as well.  This year, we bought several tomatoe plants and planted them in a container.  Our fingers are crossed that they'll do all right.  I wanted them planted directly in the ground, but my husband had other ideas.  My husband and I have never agreed on what to plant or where to plant.  So, when he's off to work, I plant.  It's too late at that point when he gets home.    

I do miss having my perennial garden.  My garden several years ago was just gorgeous, but because our budget is so tight this year and we only moved in last November, we'll have to wait and start slow next year.  We're just getting an idea of how we want to layout a garden, where to put the shed, where to put a patio, etc.   And, of course, there's the money issue.  You can't buy anything if there isn't any money....right?

This was our garden two weeks ago.  Because we have yellow shutters on the house, I bought a yellow cascading petunia to match.  I've never seen a yellow petunia before and they're quite pretty.  The hostas in the front was there when we moved in and it's HUGE! 

Here are the potted tomatoe plants.

And here are my 'not so happy' cucumber plants:

And here are my purple petunias in a window box on the side of the garage:

And my yellow petunias:

The corner of the walkway heading to the backyard and back entrance.  I brought home some green hostas from my mother's last weekend and planted them here as well.
Behind the hostas's are my morning glories.  They're just starting to grow shoots but I don't think they'll bloom until next month.   I just LOVE the set whimsical mushrooms.  These were bought last week at a local florist for $30.  I had a gift certificate from a friend when we bought this house and I just used it to buy some items for my garden.   I plan on buying a fairy statue to sit beneath the mushrooms.

I had a big hole in this tree so I decided to plant a morning glory here.  I can't wait to see what it'll look like once the flowers bloom and it's entwined around the tree.
This is my daughter's rock garden.  We planted succulents but need to add more.  We also need to add more rock  around the perimeter because when it rains or when I water the plants, the dirt is pouring out between the rocks.  This little garden is still a work in progress.
And this tree is a memorial tree for my dad.  A friend of my daughter's gave this to me a few days after my father passed away.  So far, it's doing fantastic!  I set a flag as well as an angel holding a bird.  My father loved his birds.  And my husband just added the Gerber daisy in a pot.  This daisy hasn't been doing too well.  Not too long ago, we had about 6 inches of rain in about 3 days. 

Well, that's about it.  I'll share more pictures of the garden as it blooms and grows.  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my garden.

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