Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm Baaack!

Hello friends,

I'm finally posting after being away from my blog for two and a half weeks.  It seems as though I've been MIA for longer.  Anyway, alot has been going on.....working, counseling and helping my daughter with her wedding plans.   I've been spending my extra time looking for some tutorials on paper roses and found some great ones.  Here's one that I am nearly 100%  sure of using:
You'd think that this rose was real, wouldn't you, but in actuality it's made from coffee filters.  Yes, coffee filters!  I just love the look of this and can't wait to start making some.  

I'm also thinking of make these as well:
Pinned Image

My daughter doesn't want any sort of print on the flowers, but this gives me an idea of what to make.  I believe these are made from ordinary printing paper.   I'll post pictures of my flowers when they're done.

Other than researching flowers, I've been busy with appointments, working and just life in general.  I've also started working out to lose 30 pounds as well.  It hasn't been easy but I'm doing my best to stay on track. 

Well, there isn't much more to share, so until I post again, I wish you a wonderful day (or days ahead). 

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Renee said...

That rose from coffee filters is beautiful.