Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tis the Season!'s that time of year when we drag out all the Christmas decorations, put away items to display our Christmas stuff, shopping for loved ones, baking some awesome goodies, singing Christmas carols and.....oh yeah.....starting a December Daily journal!  

Have you done a December Daily?  I haven't, but as of today, I've decided to join the band wagon on this.   I've been looking at a ton of examples on YouTube on the web and have seen soooo many beautiful journals, but because of my procrastination and doing several other swap projects, I didn't get my journal started---at lease the 'bones' of it.  Meaning, the blank pages inside the covers of the journal.  So instead I'll be using this cute holiday junk journal that I received last week from Alyson in the U.K. as my December Daily journal.   In case you didn't know, I'm the hostess of the Junk Journal Swap over at Mini Album Scraps.   The journal I received will work just fine for this!  What perfect timing!

But, if you haven't done a December Daily, please join me in doing so.   I'm going to do my best in posting each day what I've done in my journal, but I don't promise anything.  I'm so busy with work and family life that my poor blog is being neglected lately.   

In case you do want to do this, here are some great examples of these journals:  (Kathy Orta's tutorial)   (Leilani--tewtami)

I thought I'd share with you as well, some other items I've created.  I just recently made some simple candybar holders for a customer who needed a small gift for each lady that she plays cards with.  They're an elderly group who get together each Saturday and when this customer saw these at a craft fair I vendored a few weekends ago, she ordered some.  Here they are:

I planned on posting a picture of my junk journal that I'm sending to Aly, but my batteries died, so I'll do a separate on that tomorrow or Monday.  Please check back then.
Wishing you a great day, my blogger friends!

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