Monday, January 13, 2014

I'm Back to Scrapping and Swapping!

I haven't scrapped or swapped anything in a year!   Well, I did attend a scrapping event for one day in November and I finished a mini album kit which had been sitting on a shelf for 2 years.   I was busy last year making bouquets for my daughter's wedding and planning a bridal shower as well.   On top of this, my husband and I were dealing with some behavior issues in our teenage grandson/adopted son.   Even as I write this post, we're still dealing with a lot of issues with him.  He's currently living in a residential treatment home about 40 minutes away.   That, in itself, is another very long story.

Anyway, I'm now involved in a couple of swaps over at Your Paper Pantry and it feels good to be creative again.   I'm now making three altered file folders for the "Love is in the Air" Pocket for Your Thoughts group at YPP.   I just started altering some playing cards using homemade Gesso for the Artful Inspirations Deck Swap where we alter 14 cards and decorate them, think mixed media, adding a quote to one side and on the front of the card we're to add a prompt--something that will inspire creativity.  My prompt is "alter a page from a magazine and use it on a journal page".   As I complete the projects, I'll post pics with more explanations.

I'm also trying to get my scraproom organized.   It is a total mess!   As the holidays approached, I just 'tossed' everything into the room and pretty much ignored it.  Plus, with the bitter cold we've been having, I don't even want to go into the basement and clean it---it's just too cold.

And, I just realized that I haven't posted since before Christmas!  I think I should share some pics of how we celebrated:

Only a small portion of my snowman collection sitting in front of the fireplace.

Jackie made these Candy sleighs for her ETL group.  

My great-grandson, Bentley--3 months old

My oldest daughter, Valerie, with Bentley

Angelina (Nina) who just turned 10, my youngest granddaughter

Me with Jazmine (my granddaughter) and her son, Bentley (my great-grandson)

My Santas---only a small portion of my collection

Another view of the fireplace with the tree

My mom in the middle with me (on the left) and my sister, Sherri.
My mother-in-law's hutch filled with my Santas I've collected over the years.

My tree (artificial) loaded with an assortment of ornaments that tell a story over 30 years of marriage.

Christmas Eve

Zachery on a home visit on Dec. 22nd, opening his gifts.

My son-in-law, James, with the quiver I bought him.

Jackson, my great-nephew, opening a gift.

Me, playing Santa, because I'm the oldest and had to take the place of my dad.

Valerie and James with a rustic birdhouse made by my sister, Sherri.

Michael (my husband) with the birdhouse from Sherri.

A tradition, playing a game after the gifts are opened.

Results of a storm (one of three) in a week

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