Thursday, March 1, 2012

It Came In Like a Lion

I was so hoping that March would come in like a lamb, but unfortunately, it came in like a roaring lion.   We knew it was coming since two days ago, with the forecast of 4 to 6 inches originally.  Yesterday it was changed to 10 to 12 inches.  This morning, they said our area could read 16 inches!  Ick!   Out of curiosity, I brought out a ruler and measured on my front walkway where  I knew there were no drifts.   It measured 8 inches. 

This morning, around 10 a.m. when I took a few pictures, we had about 4 inches.

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 In just 4 hours we got 4 more inches which means we're averaging 2 inches an hour.   I shouldn't complain though, it's only our second major snowstorm all winter.  It's been pretty mild.  Last year at this time, we had several feet of snow--we were buried in it!  The photo below was at our old address and the mound of snow behind them was 9 feet tall! 
Jaclyn and Zachery standing in front of a mound of snow accumulated since December 2010.

Now, that I'm cozy and warm (after spending an hour in the chilly air), it looks beautiful outside.  The pine trees are dressed in white, it's quiet--no cars, and I'm enjoying a nice, fresh cup of coffee.  Aahhh.  Such small things can me me so happy.

I hope the rest of you are enjoying a wonderful day and those of you in warmer climates, if you want any snow to cool down in, I have lots of it---for free!!!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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