Monday, May 21, 2012

My Captured Fairy!

Hello Bloggers,
I was in the "Captured Fairies, Forest Nymphs, and Lawn Gnomes"  swap over at Mini Album Scraps and made this for my partner, Valerie.  

I used a spaghetti jar and added flowers, a nest from Melissa Francis, fiber (in the nest) and a ceramic bird from the dollar store.  I then wrapped some lace, flower edging and some mixed fibers around the top.  I then glued on flowers, butterflies, added some bling and flowers to one corner near the bottom and....add the fairy's info on the back.  Here are more pictures:

This little fairy loves to dance!  She has blue wings and is wearing a pink ballerina skirt.  She loves dancing amongst the flowers.

The fairy's name is Avriel and her power is the gift of Inspiration and Creativity.  I hope that Valerie does find inspiration as little Avriel sits nearby. 

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I wanted to get back to you about our square fire pit. It was ordered from Thanks so much for stopping over!!
Cute fairies by the way!