Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry (Belated) Christmas, Everyone!

I want to wish all my followers a Merry Christmas, albeit two days late.   I had to put blogging aside for the last 3 weeks because of all the things that come during the holiday season.   On a side note, we've been dealing with alot of behavorial issues with my 14 year old step-grandson that had to take priority as well.   But, we had a wonderful Christmas which was made even better because I didn't have to work--Yay!   

I thought I'd share some pictures of my Christmas decor, the unwrapping of gifts and visiting family.

Our Christmas tree that sits in the corner of the mantel.
The fireplace with a collection of my Santas
and snowmen
The hutch that once belonged to
my mother-in-law displays
more snowmen and snowladies.
The view from the dining area
my 'coffee table' with a tray filled
with pinecones, potpourri and faux berries
 The stockings filled to the brim!
My two daughters--Jackie (in red)
and Valerie
Valerie playing Santa
Even Molly got a present!!
My brother-in-law, Gary, slicing
the prime rib--a tradition every year.
My sisters and me--L to R--Sherri, Me,
my Mom and Heidi holding pinecone
ornaments that I made for them.
My brother Wayne and I, holding framed photos
 My brother Andrew and I sharing a laugh
Jackie and Kayla (my neice)
My husband Michael got a 12 foot hand-
crafted rod from Gary. 
Well, that's a few pictures out of about 150 that I took.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any family photos of all of us together.   It was a great day even though it was the first Christmas without my dad.   He was there in spirit though.  We know that. 
Thanks for stopping by!

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