Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Daughter's Bridal Shower

Hello blogger friends,

It's been nearly a month since I've posted, but that happens this time of year.   I've been sooo busy and really haven't had the time to post.  We had my daughter's bridal shower two weeks ago.  We were hoping for more guests, but it didn't happen.  About 20 out of 40 arrived although we were expecting 30.  Some said they'd come but didn't show.  Oh well.  We had fun anyway.   The girls and I planned a "Garden Theme" shower and I think we pulled it off.  Everyone loved it and had a great time.

Valerie looked beautiful in a vintage style dress:
The shower was held at her future mother-in-law's home.  We had it outside under a tent to protect us from the weather which almost turned out to be torrential downpours.  It rained throughout the entire night before her shower and, it rained the morning of while we were decorating which created problems so we thought for sure it would be pouring out during the actual shower.  Well, God listened to my prayers and about 1/2 hour before the shower started, the sun came out and it was HOT!   Thank you, God! 

Here I am with Val
and her mother-in-law to be--Anna:
I made the banner that read "Love in Bloom" which is being held by Val and her bridesmaid.  My other daughter is the Maid of Honor and is wearing the pink shirt. 
I also made the spiral flowers, the poster announcing the number of days left 'til her wedding and I put together all the favors:
Don't you just love the cupcake holders as well?  They came in a kit.  Kristina, one of the bridesmaids, made the cupcakes and wrapped them in these 'fences'.  Adorable!
The tag is attached to a small envie that holds wildflower seeds.  The terra cotta pot is filled with moss.
And here are some of the other touches at the shower:

I made the towel cake as well.

Gerber daisies in mason jars

The table runners were made by one of the bridesmaids
A spiral flower stands in a vase of gerber daisies.

The flower pot favor with a thank you and an icecream stick to write an idea for a date.  These were then put in a Date Night Jar as a gift.

Wooden letters "V" for Valerie and "J" for James

I love this whimsical planter.  I bought it at Michael's. It now sits in my garden.

A view of the table--the ladies are playing a game:  "What's in Your Purse?"
And, lots of good food!:

This is my favorite pic of Valerie:
More photos:


Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Come back soon as I have more to share. 

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Loni said...

Your daughter Valerie is positively radiant! The shower looks like a wonderful event and I can tell she felt very loved! :)

mark lawrence said...

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