Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome To My Basement Scraproom!

Hi Bloggers!

Welcome to the 5th annual "Where Blogger's Create" blog hop hosted by the fantastic and talented Karen Valentine!   She can be found over at My Desert Cottage.  I am so excited to share with you my scraproom, aka my "Happy Place"!   When we bought this house a year and a half ago, I didn't know where I was going to put my scrap room until my husband decided that he would build some shelving units, put up some sheeting to cover the exposed joists and help me set up the furniture.  

Now, this room isn't by any means gorgeous.  It's not a professional studio either.  It's not a perfectly painted, matching room that was once a guest room or a child's room.  My room is in the basement.  And I don't mind one tiny bit.  I have more room down here than I ever did in my previous home.   I've decorated my space with lots of yard sale and thrift store finds as well as re-using items from around the house.  I love repurposing something and using it in unique ways.  I consider my creative space a "budget-friendly/thrifty/shabby chic" kind of room.

We had a white carpet left from my daughter's room when she moved out so I put that down to cover up most of the ugly red and gray cement floor.  My work table is a plastic table that folds in half that I bought at Walmart.  I dressed it up by using up some fabric that I've been hoarding for the last 27 years!  I'm not kidding.
I attached the skirt around the edge of the table using Velcro strips and covered the raw stitched edges with fabric ribbon.  These items have been sitting in a plastic tub for years and I finally had the opportunity to use them.  What luck! 

More about the table later.  Let's start with entering the basement to my happy place:
When you open the door to the basement, this is what you'll see. Straight ahead is
an old chair that I covered with a pillow sham purchased at a yard sale.  Not sure if I'll keep it on the chair or not.  The chair sits at a desk that my father made and was a Christmas gift to me when I was 9 years old.  It holds punches and other assorted items that I couldn't find a 'home' for.   To the right is the corner to my table.

If you look at the picture above and see where that small table is against the half 'wall' with a shoe holder?  Okay, well that's where I'm standing looking at the room from this angle:

Above is another shelving unit my husband made which is over to the left when you come into the basement.  I just added an old shower curtain and tied it to the rod with ribbons.  This hides the stuff I don't use that often as well as storage items.  You can
see what I mean below:

This is what you don't see in the room because it's on a unit facing our oil burner.  These shelves hold page kits and mini album kits that my daughter and I have bought over the years at the Creating Keepsakes Conventions.  Yes, we have enough here to keep us busy for a long, long time!

Below is a picture of the small table I bought at a yard sale which I covered with a window valance (really!) and added a round table cloth on top of it.  The tin vase I bought at a thrift store and it holds accordion flowers that I recently made for my daughter's bridal shower.

I cut a shoe holder in half and mounted it to this 'wall'.  The pockets hold glue guns, a drill, and my heat guns.  Hanging to the left is an apron that I got at a Tim Holtz class last year at the Absolutely Everything store in Topsfield, Mass.  It's signed by Tim himself!  The "wall" is actually a piece of foam board that I nailed to the wood frame of the shelving unit (not seen) and is covered in contact paper. 

The next photo shows a narrow walkway between my childhood desk and the shelving units.  Actually the Sterilite containers that I used to have separated sitting on shelves in my old room are now stacked one on top of the other in 4 columns.  I have a lot of containers!  They fit perfect between the two shelving units. 
But, directly to the left are these shelves holding several photo boxes full of, guessed it!   Photos!  I have the boxes labeled by the years the photos were taken.  Here and there I've added some old cameras.  On the very bottom, sitting on the floor are some bags---these hold a ton of scraps that I really need to go through.  I have the scraps stored by color in large 2 gallon baggies.  
This is the top of that same unit (above).  I have clear containers holding a wide variety of flowers which I'm in the process of storing by color.  Another shelf holds my scrapbook albums, some of which are still empty and waiting to be filled with layouts.

Below is another picture of my childhood desk.  On the corner sits an old strainer holding some altered file folders that I recently received in a swap. 
                            Here's a close-up of the strainer and the file folders:

Next to the desk is my work table.  On this table sits another two tier shelf.  This small wooden crate box is on the side of that and holds various ephemera.  The stand above that is a jewelry hanger, but I'm using it to display my favorite ephemera.
The next picture is standing at the back wall and looking down to where I was 'standing' earlier taking the pictures. 
These are the four columns of Sterilite containers mentioned above.  I covered the fronts of each container with scrap paper then added labels which are actually tags from Michael's found in the dollar bin.  I used three colors throughout the room:  blues, sage green and pinks. 

This unit holds a variety of boxes and containers.  The 3 large white boxes in the center hold my daughter's chipboard.  Between the two of us, we have sooooo much stuff, I'm not sure if we'll use it all.  The decorative boxes on the third shelf were bought at yard sales.  These boxes hold assorted lace trim.  The basket hold small rolls of ribbon.  And, way over to the right are three altered boxes--two of which are cigar boxes and one is a wooden purse.  These were all swap items. 

Below is a white book case that once belonged to my daughter.  The smaller Sterilite containers fit perfectly on these shelves almost as if the bookcase was designed for them.  These containers hold a wide variety of embellishments, tags, diecuts, envelopes, cards, etc and are sorted by theme. Some of the boxes aren't labeled yet.

I love to have items in my room that have some sentimental value to me.  This little shelf unit was bought at a thrift store and holds my favorite stamps.  The house in front I bought at a yard sale and actually opens for storage but right now it's empty.

This little cabinet was bought at a yard sale (did I tell you how much I LOVE yard sales?!)  and on top sits two of my favorite (and many) teddy bears. 
              And here's the inside of that cabinet:  A collection of little teddy bears!
This picture is another tall bookcase that once belonged to my daughter and now I use it for storing jars of buttons, jars of other embellies.  All the containers were purchased at yard sales over the years.  I also LOVE birdhouses and have them scattered around my room.  And, yes, most were bought at yard sales and thrift stores.

 The next picture shows the back wall and the window which looks to the backyard.

The window is covered with a set of old curtains I once had hanging in my kitchen in our first house 20 years ago!!  I hung a eucalyptus swap over it to 'dress it up' a bit.  The table is a plastic folding table covered in a sheet.  The sheet hides items underneath.  I have an 'inspiration board beneath the window, a paint spinner and a handmade "Clip It Up" holding a variety of stickers.   Check out the close up pics for more details.

Below is a mini beach chair holding a Red Sox ball from a game I went to a few years ago.  I love the Red Sox!  In front is a ceramic dog that a friend of mine made me when I was 11 years old.
  There 's a small 'dresser' style jewelry box (bought at a thrift store) that displays small items received from various swaps over the years.  The altered Altoid tin in the front is a tribute to Tim Holtz. 

This is the view on the other side of the room (behind that wall is the stairway coming down to the basement).  The paneled walls are old and will eventually be replaced with sheetrock. 
 More bookcases and 3 paper racks.  To the right of the photo is the door (white) that I came in from.

Below shows the 2 tier shelf unit that holds containers of  my tools, glue runners, sponge daubers, markers and a lot of other miscellaneous stuff.  On top of the shelf is a metal spinner (right) that hold my Ranger ink pads, tapes, and Ranger alcohol inks.

 My daughter bought these little turtles made from shells for Christmas one year--there's a turtle for each member of the family.  Below is a box of cards that I've saved over the years from girls who have sent me swap items.  The box is overflowing.

This is the project we made last year at Tim Holtz's class.  It was a great class and not that difficult to do.  It sits proudly on my work table.
                         The top of my desk.  Nice and clean, but not for long!

           The view standing by the wall of bookcases looking to my desk:
This little black table that once belonged to my daughter, sits between the smaller folding table and a set of book cases.  This table holds my machines such as the Cricut, the Cuttlebug (not shown as their upstairs being used), my sewing machine, extra cutters and my Cinch machine.  Two cloth dolls rest on the machines.

These two 'bookcases' are actually the two ends of an entertainment center that we had in the old house.  We didn't have any use for the 'center' so we got rid of that and I kept these to store my magazines, books, manuals, blank art books, and photo albums.  The three drawer Sterilite container holds chipboard albums, tp rolls and assorted sizes of cardboard.

This small white bookcase holds a ton of mini albums that I've made or were made for me from various swaps over the years. 

This brown bookcase holds more mini albums and paper packs.  The bottom shelf stores page protectors, 12x12 chipboard, photo paper and well, a lot of other paper related 'stuff'!
Below is a wall hanging that I made years ago.  It's photos of my great-grandmother, my grandfather and grandmother as children and as adults. 

                                    Other items hanging on the paneled wall.

Ink storage.  I bought this wooden item from a thrift store a long time ago and used it to store my inks.  I have more inks, which are stored in a box.

These are my paper racks.  The two white ones I bought from a store for $25.00.  The black one was bought at Walmart.  All this and I still need more racks!
 This is what sits on the left of my desk:  There's an old wooden tray table that has an altered cigar box, a vintage sewing box and a jewelry box.  The green doll is actually a "Wishnik" doll that I've had since I was a young child.  I also altered some tin cans and put them on a lazy susan.  These cans hold rulers, scissors, paintbrushes, etc.
 Here's a better look at the boxes:  The vintage sewing box holds trim that I love to look at and didn't want to put away.  The jewelry box holds faux pearls, gem flowers.
 The picture below shows the ceiling covered in sheeting which enhances the lighting and the assorted birdhouses and cages.

This is the Sterilite container that is in front of my work table.  It is full of chipboard mini albums (blank).  They are stuffed to the brim!

                                  This vintage suitcase holds assorted stencils.

Well, that's it!  I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Sorry about the quality of some of the photos.  I took these at night to be ready to post today.  I'm now  off to visit some other wonderful creative spaces.  


Sandra Kaye said...

WOW!!! Love it all...very organized!!! I loved that you used up fabric you had been holding onto for the skirt of your table...great job!!

StasaLynn said...

Awesome space and it is so LARGE! You are so very organized and it really is an artist's heaven in your space! Thanks for sharing all of your lovelies!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Your studio is a model of organization and full of beautiful stuff.
Thank you to share your treasuries.

Sugar Lump Studios said...

What a fun and creative space to create! I love all the scrapping supplies! Thank you for sharing your charming space with all of us!


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Wow! Your creative space is awesome.

You are so organized...I love your space!

Blessings always

. said...

Its all about what you do with the space and you sure made the best of it and it looks great (you have a ton of great storage spaces)... My old space was also in the basement and now with my new space on the main floor, and love it and all but I still miss some of the old space.

You have a great happy creative space, thanks for sharing it with us!!!

Art and Sand said...

IYou have more supplies than my local Michael's.

You have created a wonderful space for creating.

Beansieleigh said...

Love your scraproom, Lori!!! First I LOVED the bright colors.. much like I hope to have in my own little craftroom (hence the different colored polka-dot drawers for starters).. I just think that all kinds of bright, beautiful colors are a must if you're an art-n-crafter!.. Got a kick out of your little troll friend! SO CUTE!!.. And who all would KNOW it's the basement, anyways! I never would have guessed, if you hadn't said so! Thanks for the show and tell, and I really enjoyed my stop here today! ~tina

Valery Klassen said...

Great scrap space. I love what you did with your plastic containers. You have a lot of beautiful scrappin' supplies. Thanks for sharing.

Cathy said...

Your room is so organized! I love your sterlite containers. Aren't they just the best! Great room!

Cathy ♥

Selenarte Decoupage said...

Hello. Your craft room looks like a large craft shop. Everything look so nice. I bet once you get to your room you forget about everything else...

Thank you for sharing.
Looking forward to your next posts.
Best wishes

Connie said...

Wow!!! What a amazing space and it is so big. I want to come over and play with you. I am having a ball touring all of these fab studios and getting inspiration by all these talented women.
Have a lovely weekend, and please come visit my studio, too and join my Give-A-Way.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Terry said...

Wow! You are amazingly organized! I love your troll.

My daughter is a scrapbooker also. Her studio is in our basement. I wanted to share my studio with her, but I don't have a TV in my studio so she opted for the basement where there is one.

Thank you for the fantastic tour!


Devon Smith-Breidel said...

I adore the amount of space you have and your ability to organize so perfectly. The use of color is what really makes your space come alive!

Karen Valentine said...

I don't care if it is a basement... It's fabulous!! I love the ingenuity and creativity you used to make it warm, inviting and fun. Thank you so much being a part of this years party!!!

Bevlea Ross said...

love the space.. so roomy and organised :)

Lavender Cottage said...

Organized and workable, my kind of studio.

Leanne said...

Hi Lori! What a great space!!! I, too, am a basement girl (as my creative space is in the basement of our house, too!) There is definitely something cozy about it for me, and I'm sure you feel the same. But I LOVE all the supplies you have - and think I would like nothing more than being locked up down there . . . creating away for hours upon hours!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. LOVE IT!!!

Rhonda said...

I sure could take a lesson from you on organizing. I'd love to have all your supplies, darling space!!

Annette said...

You have a wonderfully large space that looks so organized and fun to be in! I love the old suitcase!

Maureen Hayes said...

What a terrific space you have created. It is full of wonderful memories and lots of cool crafting supplies. Thanks so much for sharing it with us all.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your basement studio is fantastic. You don't have to have a perfect space to have a perfect space. I love what you have done with your scrap place. I can tell you love to scrap. This is totally awesome.

Thanks so much for sharing your space with me.

suziqu's thread works said...

Wow I don't think I've seen such a well stocked studio as this.
Those videos look great - I'll be back to view your books soon!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Look at all that great space you've got, Lori! I love it and how organized you've got everything. Great way to cover the table.

Graceful Rose said...

Wow, what a great creative space. I love your organization! I worked in a small corner of my kitchen for years so I know about using you have. This is my first year to participate in WBC so I hope you will visit my studio. Have a great weekend!

Louise (Elsie May and Bertha) said...

You have a lovely workroom, full of wonderful stuff. You are very organised, I wish my stuff was! You have some beautiful things in your room. I especially like the desk your Dad made for you when you were little. I'm going to pinch your way of decorating your plastic boxes. They are so useful but aren't the prettiest of things. I have some covered with a tablecloth but it's a pain having to move it every time I want something out of them.
I must say that I like your paneling, though.
Thank you for the look around your craft room, you and your daughter must have some great times down in the basement, making great things.:-)

Carmen said...

Lori, I enjoyed looking at your big craft space. I appreciate how you used what you had and made it work! I love those Sterilite containers - they're great for storage. I'm also inspired by your button storage by color and how you display the bottom side of your paints to see the color. Brilliant! Thanks! :-)

Diana Seal said...

Oh Wow, what a great space, Lori and all your supplies, so organized!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful space.
Have a great weekend!

Nanna said...

what a fantastic place to create in! I could stay in there all day!

fairyrocks said...

Well, I think you add the bohemian to the shabby chic world with flare!! I just want to peep into all your carefully stored bits. I too am a found object and yard sale junky {well trying to recover, but thats anther story LOL} Thanks so much for sharing, keep smiling and creating.

bobbie said...

What a fabulous space! You've made the most of every square inch, and made it all look beautiful!
Happy crafting!

Marlynne said...

Wow! You've got lots of room for your studio! Your little art settings around the room are precious!

Mary Walden said...

Your room is amazing--You have so much stuff and I love the way you have it so organized. It must be great fun to create there. Thanks so much for sharing. said...



Maureen said...

Wow, what a huge space you have! I love all your uses of thrifty supplies and items you had on hand. Well done! All those Sterlite drawers are amazing!

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

What an amazing work space! It's so well organized and creatively too. What a blessing to have such a wonderful space to create in. I can see that you love it.

Maggie said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!! You NEED a whole basement for all of your stuff!! Wow. I love the table skirt made up of pieces of your old stash...I've been thinking of doing something similar to use up some I've had for MORE than 27 years!! Thanks for the great tour!

Marilou said...

Wow that is an amazing amount of space for a basement and you have done a great job organizing it:)
Hugs and happy creating!
Marilou of LulusLovlies

Leann said...

Wow your studio is huge!!! So jealous!! I'm crammed into a tiny spare room, but do love it! You almost look like a craft store you are so organized!

Enjoy being creative!


Lorena Wheeler said...

What a fun, organized and huge creative space you have. Thanks for sharing!
Be blessed,

Kathy said...

Wowza!! I am speechless at how much supplies you have and how well organized they are. Simply amazing!

Susan Clayton said...

You are so organized! Lucky you to have all that space. I love that you got use 'hoarded' fabric for a table skirt - such a cheerful touch.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

WOW!! I am so jealous of the amount of space that you have for your creative space!!

Love how organized it is and I may borrow some of those ideas!!

Thanks so much for sharing!!


Elizabeth Johnson said...

This looks like a wonderful place to create. What great storage you have. Thank you for sharing.

Gwen Simmons said...

Amazing space-- it may be a basement, but you've made it so colorful and cozy. I am truly impressed with your organization, and how much stuff you have. Thanks for sharing.

Connie said...

Oh my goodness, your space is amazing and so organized. It is easy to see that this studio is the results of many years of collecting and loving to have fun with "ART".
Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comment. Do come back and hit the follower button, so that I can put your name in the hat for the give-a-way. I love your blog, especially the tutorials. I crave to learn everything.
Your newest follwer, Connie :)

Graceful Rose said...

Hi Lori, I just love your basement scrap room! You are lucky to have so much space and so much organization. Thank you so much for visiting my little space and your sweet comments.

Glenda said...

Wonderful organisation What a great space.

Holly Moore said...

Wowza all that storage is amazing. I call my space my happy place too! I love the sham idea on your chair. Blessings!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Lori, I can see that you haven't been blogging lately. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Hope all is well with you and your family. Best wishes, Tammy

Ivanete Silveira said...

Oi, adoro seu cantinho, aqui no Brasil não tem estas diversidades, são mande mais trabalhos seus ....parabéns....

Cynthia Stauffer said...

I love your basement Scraprooom and how you can move from one area to another so easily. I like how you have you Scraproom arranged in different areas of interest also. You are a very neat and organized Mom which makes a BIG difference in how the layout works for you. I this it is an AWESOME LAYOUT! Thank you so much for sharing your personal space with us.
Cynthia Stauffer