Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Been A Busy Summer!

I can't believe that I've gone almost two months without posting.  It's just been a busy, busy summer.   In June, we had my daughter's bridal shower that I've already posted.  In case you didn't read it, you can find the post here: http://scrapmomsmusings.blogspot.com/2013/07/my-daughters-bridal-shower.html

We were still having counselors over three to four times a week for Zachery as well as dealing with some major issues with him which involved getting a juvenile probation officer involved.

During all of this, I was helping my daughter plan her wedding and making paper flower bouquets.  That was one heck of an undertaking, let me tell you!  But, don't get me wrong,  I enjoyed doing this for her.   Everyone at the wedding loved the bouquets and I even have two future prospects!   Ka-ching!

A week before Valerie's wedding, I went to my granddaughter's baby shower.  She's only 16, but we're hoping that everything will work out.   At the time of the shower, the baby (a boy named Bentley) only weighed 3 lbs, 3 oz.  Since then, the baby has gone up to 6 lb., 11 oz.   Much better!   As a matter of fact, today is her due date.  We took bets on the day Bentley would be born and my guess is Sept. 21st.   Here are some pics:
Lots of gifts (this is only part of them!)

Father of the baby Adam

The two grandpas.

Look how tiny her tummy is!

Zachery and Jazmine--brother and sister

Andrea, Jazmine's mother

Me (on the left), Jazmine and Andrea
The following weekend was the big day!  For five years, I've been waiting for Valerie to get married.  They've been together a long time.   Val's wedding was rustic and held in Scarborough, Maine just a stone's throw from the beach.  They didn't want to get married right on the beach, so they chose a place that wasn't too far, plus we needed to think of the expense of it.  Val and James aren't into the elaborate, ballroom type receptions, so having it at Camp Ketcha worked out perfect for them.
Prepping for the wedding--making rustic signs

Measuring the tulle for the aisle

Planting the stakes and attaching the tulle, then
it'll be rolled up and ready for transport.

We needed it to be 48 feet long so we 'laid'
it out first

The flowers are done--now it's time to form
them into bouquets.
The hardest part of making the bouquets was
forming them into a dome.  My first two
attempts were awful--they were cone-shaped!
This is one of the four bridesmaids bouquets

This is Valerie's bouquet--I added more
white roses and lace trim to the base.

The Unity Ceremoney aka sand ceremony--
joining two families into one.

exchanging vows

They look so happy.
My husband walking Val down the aisle

Zachery escorting me down to my seat

Father/Daughter dance.  they danced
to "I Loved Her First". 

Valerie is just beaming here

She's just about ready---and happy!

Last minute check in the mirror

Jackie (my youngest and the Maid of Honor)
puts on the garter
My favorite pic of them!

Hubby and I dancing

Two sisters enjoying themselves.
We also enjoyed sun, sand, cookouts and just plain fun as a family:
Our 29th anniversary.
Great Common Island, NH


Not sure if I mentioned this in a post or not, but I was let go from my job back on June 21st, so I was also looking for a job during everything else going on.  As of yesterday, I now have a job and I start next week!  It was great to have the summer off.  
Well, this post is long enough, so I'll end it here.  If you read through the entire post, then I thank you.  If you didn't, well, you wouldn't be reading this sentence, would you?   Thanks for stopping by.


Loni said...

Your daughter Valerie looks so beautiful on her wedding day! I love her camp wedding with all the personal homemade touches!!! May the Lord bless her and her husband with a wonderful marriage! :)

ME said...

Absolutely beautiful flowers! I am very impressed with your hard work!
I just found your blog, sorry for the 'late' comment but, could not pass up praising your craftsmanship.