Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Crayon Art---what fun!

 My daughter found a crayon art project on YouTube and decided she wanted to make one.  So, off we go to Walmart, after getting my hair cut, to buy canvas, crayons and paint.   There are two different techniques she's going to do.  One is what you'll see below, the other is gluing the crayons to the canvas and melting them downward to create a design.  We only did one project today.

This is Jackie peeling the paper off the crayons.
Hold the crayon down with a knife and apply heat using a blow dryer.  A heat gun would work in half the time.
The paint swirls together creating a unique design depending on the angle of the heat gun/blow dryer and the colors you use.

The finished project!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our newest project.  Come back soon---I'll have more to share in a few days.

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